How to Know When You Have to See a Gynecologist

It is every woman’s responsibility to know what a Gynecologist is. Gynecologists are medical experts or doctors that specialize in the field of gynecology. Gynecology is a branch of medicine and physiology in which it focuses on the diseases and functions exclusively on the female population, largely dealing with the reproductive system. There is this misconception that only those that are pregnant should start seeing a doctor, but based on the aforementioned description, you can always visit a gynecologist with the reason usually something to do with a woman’s reproductive system.

A family doctor or general practitioner may be able to treat some symptoms that you deal with, but it may not be able to treat the root of the problem. Only the doctors will be able to give you a detailed discussion pertaining to whatever you are feeling right now, especially when they can explain it to you how to treat it. Below are common reasons why you should seek a doctor’s expertise:

Irregularities with Menstruation


  • Menstrual periods get far off and irregular
  • You get recurrent periods wherein it returns in less or 21 days
  • Periods go over 8 days
  • You find menstrual bleeding in between your periods
  • You have delayed periods, often too far apart
  • You miss one period or more
  • Your heavy periods are quite unnatural

When you find an abnormality or two with your menstrual bleeding, it should make you worry. Abnormal menstrual bleeding, whether you are in your teenage years, reproductive or that you notice bleeding after you had already had your menopause can mean that you are experiencing one of many serious conditions associated usually with the reproductive system – see how to tighten vagina. This can be ovarian cysts, fibroids, pelvic infection, endometriosis or a worse symptom that can indicate the presence of polyps in your uterus.

Problems with your Reproductive System

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  • The frequency of urinating increases without any reason
  • You feel a burning sensation or pain when you urinate
  • You find blood in your urine
  • There is that itching feeling in the vagina
  • You find abnormal discharge from your vagina that is similar to the cow’s milk

For these kinds of symptoms, it may indicate the onset of UTI or urinary tract infection. Although a urinalysis is enough to let any general practitioner tell you what to do to address the problem, the gynecologist can still provide you the right means to solve it, follow this link for more OTC drugs and other temporary solutions.

Breasts Problems

woman breasts

  • You feel lumps in your breasts
  • You experience not only abdominal pain during your periods but also discomfort with one or both breasts
  • You notice some discharge from the breasts


Any of these symptoms occur to you, you should rush to your doctor and get yourself checked. Ignoring these symptoms would be inviting threat to your overall health.

Pain in your Lower Abdomen

woman navel

  • Severe menstrual cramps with your lower back and abdomen
  • Occasional pain in the pelvis
  • After going a sexual intercourse, you feel abdominal pain
  • Sharp pelvic or abdominal pain during sexual intercourse or during menstruation
  • Pain with the lump presence in your abdomen

Abdominal pain seems normal among women, but there could be problems with it. If the abdominal pain seems unbearable, seek a gynecologist in order to have it evaluated.

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