What are Vaginal Estrogen Creams? What Does it Do For Hormones?

It is a well-established fact that women experience a shift in their hormonal equilibrium when they reach the menopause phase. This phase is associated with psychological and emotional effects that can lead to depression and numerous psychological changes. During menopause, the production of estrogen slows down and stops completely after some time. Why do vagina dry after sex? — Dryness is one of the common symptoms that occur during menopause. It occurs as the body “changes” and becomes more common when menopause sets in. It might be vaginal muscle tightening can prevent dryness from getting worst.

How to Rectify the Hormonal Imbalance

Different women deal with this condition in diverse ways and womanmethods. There are a number of methods used to rectify the hormonal imbalance that causes the body to change. The hormone replacement therapy is one of the highly beneficial methods available. Estrogen products are mostly used for the hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) as they are easy to apply and generate great results. Estrogen creams are used to restore the tissue after a woman reaches menopause. They are effective in relieving dryness which leads to pain especially during sex. These things also help in eradicating the nagging problem of experiencing burning and persistent itching sensation. It is important to consult your physician before you use any of the available vaginal estrogen creams in the market.

How Vaginal Estrogen Creams Work

These products help in treating the underlying issues that lead to the symptoms that most women undergoing this phase experience. They restore the vaginal tissues and naturally reduce irritation and dryness. These products release a mix of estrogens that help in restoring these tissues. The estrogens are released directly in the area and post better results. Natural gels reduce thinning and restore the tissues responsible for lubrication and elasticity to eradicate pain during sex. The best creams are available in diverse doses, and your doctor will help you pick the right one. They should also show some brilliant results within 3 – 4 weeks.

Different Types of Vaginal Estrogen Creams

creamVaginal estrogen creams are available in different types. There is the natural kind, which is made from plant or human estrogen to tighten vagina skin. This type is the most commonly used and has even managed to replace the earlier types used before. The natural kind of product have fewer side effects and are therefore more preferred. There are some types of these products that are only available with a prescription. These are the specially made gels that you can only find more about them from your physician. There is another type that is easily available over the counter, but it is wise to seek the recommendation of your physician before using any of them. There are the phytoestrogen creams that help in eradicating skin problems. There are some conjugated types that are used to treat post menopause changes.

Benefits of Estrogen Creams

Vaginal estrogen creams have a number of benefits. They are very easy to apply and can be used on other areas like your neck, thighs, elbows and knees that tend to dry often. You have the choice of using a particular product depending on the symptoms you experience. Menopause causes certain fluids found in women’s bodies to reduce, and these gels play an important role as they maintain the skin moisture and prevent such losses. They are cost effective.


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