Why are Vaginal Tightening Surgeries Not Popular Anymore

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Due to the inherent risks of vaginal tightening surgery, there is need to find safer alternatives.Many people wonder whether it is possible to tighten the vagina without resorting to surgical methods. Doctors and other specialists concur that alternative ways do exist. Researchers are always looking for alternative means of getting the effect they desire. Consequently, surgeries intended to tighten the vagina are gradually phasing out today. The following information explains how the process if phasing out today:

To rejuvenate your vagina without facing the knife, doctors recommend using certain creams, such as V-Tight gel. Now, don’t rush into anything just yet: You need professional advice from qualified personnel. Follow the directions given by the specialist to avoid complications. This approach ensures that you can go on with your daily routine uninterrupted even under medication.

Physical exercises

Apart from the use of medication, certain exercises may help tighten up things a bit. The most popular form of exercises is Kegel. They involve strengthening of the vaginal tissues and rejuvenating them. Nevertheless, you will need enough patience as it may take quite some time before you begin to notice changes. The good news is that you can integrate the exercises into your daily program without any hustle.


Laser Tightening

laserThe laser tightening is currently phasing out the knife. Instead of surgery, a controlled laser beam is applied into the vagina through a process known as Femilift. The laser beam applies heat to the inner vaginal linings resulting in the contraction of collagen and elastin. It causes the regeneration of the proteins, making the vagina tighter. The procedure lasts only 15 minutes and; therefore, can be done during lunch break.

The use of laser tightening techniques is not only painless but also less costly compared to VTS. Many women with loose skin around their vagina may not be in a position to go for surgery due to financial constraints. A laser beam is a good news for such women. This is of particular importance as it does not necessarily interfere with one’s daily activities.

The slackening of the vaginal tissues may be due to the factor beyond human control. When nature runs its course, there may be no harm to let things be. Accepting that it is a natural process will go a long way in curbing the urge to undergo surgery.

Minimally Invasive Methods

natural plantsVaginal tightening surgery is also being replaced with natural vagina tightening medicine and alternatives. Although mini-invasive methods involve surgery, they are not as delicate and dangerous as full surgical methods. Minimally invasive methods include the use of a barbed cylindrical suture which introduces threads which tie the vaginal tissues together and then allowed to heal.

These invasive methods have the advantage of being safer, less painful and less interruptive. They do not involve slicing off of parts of the skin around the woman’s vagina. Thanks to advancement in technology, soon nobody will need to be operated upon to improve the elasticity of their vagina. There is always a sustained effort to make things safer and less complicated.

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