V-Tight Gel with Kegel Exercise Program: How Much More Effective is it?

vrevWhatever your sexual orientation may be, as a woman in her late teens or in her adult life, you may feel the urge to improve your sex drive. A loosened vagina is not something so logical and simple as men or people might think. It’s not because of excessive sex which is just a common and a very embarrassing myth by gynaecologist, to say the least.

What really causes the looseness are due to various reasons. Some of them include birth which is likely to widen the vaginal walls, vaginal stress, aging process, as well as many other medical conditions are likely to be the cause of a loosened vagina.

That is not to say that you should lose hope on tightening your vagina or feel ashamed for no absolute reason. There are a few ways which will be explained to you for firming up your vagina. These methods are not costly as such or even include surgery but just a few steps that can improve the tightness of your vagina.


How Does V-Tight Gel Work with the Kegel Exercise Program?

how signThis gel can be found online and offers the vagina to be tightened. The cream, as indicated on the container is to be applied externally. As general directions, you put the cream on your fingertips and rub it nicely on the vaginal wall. A lot of products come with eastern medicines that claim to be free of side-effects and hazards.

Pros: V-Tight gel has been praised and admired by many women. They are believed to observe and feel the effects of the vagina getting firmer.

Cons: The product doesn’t work for a lot of women, as well. Also, the substances used are not quite up to the scientific or medical mark.

As we have mentioned, the product works really well alone but the company has added a kegel exercise program to use with the V-Tight gel to make it work faster. With the combination of the effectiveness of the kegel workouts, it will speed up the process of this vaginal tightening solution. The natural ingredients in the cream helps enhance the muscles around the cervical walls to make it more firm almost instantly.

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Incorporating the Kegel Exercise Program

person doing kegelsKegel exercises work both the sexes. Kegel exercises are based on working on the pelvic muscle. The workout doesn’t require any weightlifting or cardiac workout. It’s a simple harmless workout that could be done.

The workout could be done while lying down on the bed, sitting, or standing. All you have to do is pull your pelvic muscle with an empty bladder. The muscle can be located by inserting your finger in the vagina. The muscle will tighten up and that is just about it.



How to properly do it?

right way signPress the Kegel muscle for 2-5 seconds and let it go. You can make the duration go longer if you like as there is no hard and fast rule. After performing the routine, relax for 10-20 seconds and repeat for 3-5 times a day.

The Kegel exercise can also be done by lying down. As you lay down, put your legs together half way in the air and pull the pelvic muscle. Do this for 5-10 seconds and take rest for 20-30 seconds. Repeat this for 3-5 times a day.

It’s been considered a certified workout, for both sexes, as far as genitalia is concerned.

May not be recommended if you have a medical condition.

How Much Faster is it with the Exercise Program?

The comparison can be drawn by the fact that the exercise is a healthy ways to tighten vagina without using any chemicals or dangerous home remedy based substances. The creams, on the other hand, sell big and even offer a money back guarantee. However, it is advised to seek professional help so you may not end up hurting yourself in the vagina instead of getting it tight.

Also, the incorporation of the product and the exercise program doesn’t do too much with how fast the product will work but it works as a long term solution. It does aid with the tightening of your vagina almost instantly but it’s the long term plan for you to be able to achieve the body that you want, and not just temporarily.

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