5 Unknown Facts About The Vagina

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The vagina is a fascinating organ in the human body. Most people tend to think that they already know everything they need to know about that part of the body, which is not true as there is no way anyone, whether man or woman, can know everything about the body. There are various unknown facts about the vagina, which are known mostly to scientists and doctors. Below are 5 of these unknown facts about the woman’s body.

1. The Vagina Has Four Pathways to Pleasure

There are four different nerves, which give the genital area the amazing pleasurable sensation women feel during sex. These are the hypogastric, pudendal, sensory vagus, and pelvic nerves. Some recent studies have also revealed that the sensory vagus nerves go through the nerves in the spinal cord in order to produce sexual arousal. This can also be attributed to why some women who have complete spinal injuries can still feel orgasms that are as a result of sexual stimulation. The study also showed that women tend to experience sexual pleasure and orgasms differently.


2. The Clitoris Contains Thousands of Nerves

peachThe single function of the clitoris in the vagina is to provide sexual pleasure. The clitoris itself is highly sensitive and has more nerves per every millimeter than any other organ in the body. Various types of researches conducted by scientists from all over the world have indicated that the clitoris has at least 8,000 nerve endings considered to be the densest nerve supply compared to any organ and also of which men lack an equal counterpart to it.

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3. Not All Women Have a Hymen

The hymen is a thin tissue located in the vagina that is normally associated with virginity. It is not present in all private parts and some women completely lack its structure while others end up breaking it after performing strenuous exercises, intercourse, or enduring various hormonal activities. When it is present, it is a thin skin tissue that is situated about 1 – 2 cm inside the vagina and partly covers the opening. So it is important to remember that having a hymen that is intact may cause bleeding during the first time of sexual intercourse. Any other beliefs related to the hymen are all subjective and do not necessarily happen to all women.

4. The G-Spot is Actually There

gspotThe G-Spot actually exists and is capable of giving a woman intense sexual pleasure. This spot is a slightly bumpy region that contains a significant number of nerve endings that are capable of giving a woman immense pleasure during sexual intercourse. It is located on the wall of the body, about half way up the opening. Malaysian scientist Chua Chee Ann may also have found another area similar to the G-Spot called the A-Spot. It is said to be situated a few inches above the G-Spot along the belly button side of the vaginal wall. However, other scientists have not yet verified the A-Spot.

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5. Women Have a Built-In System for Lubricating the Vagina

Some women tend to complain of dryness in the cervical opening and proper lubrication not taking place during sexual intercourse. The secret to proper lubrication in the body in the day-to-day life of a woman or during sexual intercourse is the presence of special glands commonly referred to as the Bartholin glands that help to keep the intimate area moist. These glands are also responsible for keeping the vagina properly lubricated and feeling moist when a woman is aroused sexually. So when a woman feels that proper lubrication is not taking place in the body, it is important for her to visit a doctor in order to investigate exactly what is causing the problem.

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