Does a Thigh Gap Affect Your Vaginal Tightness?


To start us off, we need to understand what a thigh gap is. It’s the space between the two legs of a woman when she stands straight with her knees attached. Women nowadays are dying to have a thigh gap because it has become the norm. They think that famous models have a gap because they are skinny but that is not true.

A thigh gap in vagina is a result of bone structure and muscles. You either have a gap, or you do not have one. No fitness or shaping procedure will help on this. You might lose some weight by exercising, but you cannot change the structure of your thigh bones the same way you cannot modify the size of your feet. Full hips can mean but do not guarantee that the woman has a thigh gap. The width of the pelvis and the angle at which the leg bones attach to the pelvis is one of the methods used to determine whether or not a woman has a thigh gap. This comes genetically. Even if you lose weight and become skinny, your legs will still touch if you have a lot of muscles.

Does a thigh gap affect your vaginal tightness?

xray-of-pelvisThe vagina is a muscle situated in pelvic. It is very elastic, flexible and has an adamant muscular tone. This muscle can stretch as much as giving birth to a child and can get as narrow as two fingers. So saying that the vagina can get loose after sexual intercourse or after childbirth is just a myth. The other myth is that the thigh gap means that you have a loose vagina. As we mentioned above, the vagina is a separate muscle and cannot be affected by the surrounding thigh gaps or pelvis. Its size compares with your mouth. You can stretch it 100 times, and it will not get loose. One can have a big head but a small mouth or can have a small head but a big mouth. Same with the pelvis and vagina. Besides, there is an exercise to tighten vagina. The structure of your bones cannot affect the structure of muscles. They are different parts of our bodies.

Ideals have changed so much that we now don’t understand what is beautiful and what is not, what is healthy and what is not. Women have stopped thinking. Instead of thinking whether it’s necessary or not women only want to know what is in fashion now; what is trending. We immediately get into depression whenever we hear that we are fat, we look old, and we have wrinkles and so on.


curvy model

This commercial-based outlook within the society has taken the self – confidence that we once had. We are never pleased with our bodies, are always comparing, comparing, comparing. Eventually, we get crazy for no reason and dream of times that there were no TVs, no internet, no phones, no high-end technologies, no models, and so on.

This is funny women. Just wake up and live your life. We are beautiful just the way we are. Don’t let anyone take you for yourself and make you what they want to see. I have heard of many teenagers opting for surgery to get thigh gaps, I have heard of many eating disorders by women trying to get a thigh gap. Who said that it is beautiful? One can have the thigh gap; the other will not have it. We are beautiful the way that we were created, not the way that business and commercial makers want to see us.

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