What Does the Smell of Your Vagina Say About Your Health?

woman-covering-her-noseWhat does the smell of your vagina say about your health? Although it is rather hard to explain how a vagina feels, it is easier to tell what it should not smell like. Each vagina has its unique scent that is determined by some few factors. Such factors include among others, the healthy bacteria that resides in the vagina, natural fabrics, and a person’s diet. Additionally, the ph of the vaginal area dictates what is happening down there. Changes in what is considered a normal vaginal smell may be an attribute of a wide range of cases. Such causes may include intense sweating, infections, and level of hormones, especially during menstrual cycles. Some of the most common vaginal smells are:

Fishy Scent

A fishy smell often is an indication of a bacterial infection. The most common bacterial infection in such a case is Bacterial Vaginosis which is triggered by overgrowing of bacteria leading to a pH imbalance in the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis features a strong fishy odor alongside a milky white discharge. The infection may occur with or with no pain. It is advisable to seek medical assistance when such a smell comes from your private parts. Proceed reading on the procedure to tighten vagina.

Bread-like smell


The “bakery” smell coming from your vagina is a likely indication of a yeast infection. Yeast infections sometimes feel like warm bread, but you certainly did not get such from the bakery. Although every healthy female has some bit of yeast in their vaginas, an overgrowth of the same becomes an infection. A thick discharge is often in the company with a yeast infection. Yeast infections are quite common and are easily treatable with over the counter medicine though it is important to seek a doctor’s advice.

Metallic Scent

More often than not, a metallic smell from your vagina is temporary. The smell is typical especially when one has just had their menses. Additionally, contact with semen during sexual activities can attribute to the same. However, if such a smell prolongs long enough after you had your monthly period, it is time to see a physician. And, for more information regarding the smell of your fanny, go to this page.


Musky Scent


A musky smell should not worry you a bit, especially after doing intense exercise. It means that you have been sweating much. Having extremely tight jeans on for long may also cause a musky smell from your vagina. Proper hygiene of the vagina and avoiding too tight jeans should get rid of the musky smell.

Rotten Scent

A rotten scent is probably the most uncomfortable smell to come out from down there! An unpleasant smell is a clear indication that something is wrong with your health. You should thus get in touch with your gynecologist as soon as possible. A forgotten tampon is the primary cause of a rotten smell from your vagina. On the odd occasion, the forgotten tampon may cause severe infection. Consequently, it is significant to see your general practitioner should such an incident occur. Symptoms may comprise of brown discharge and an extremely foul smell. We suggest you going on vaginal tightening treatment. not only to get rid of smell also tighten your vagina.

Bleach-like smell

A chlorine-like smell is prevalent mainly depending on the type of lubricants used during intercourse. Whether partners use condoms or not may also cause such a bleach smell. Such smell is nothing to worry about, though.

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