New Trend – Shorter Labia Minora, Good Or Bad?

labia-minora-chartThe labia minora, commonly known as the vaginal lips, inner lips or inner labia are two flaps of skin on the vaginal opening. This part of a vagina varies widely in color, shape, and size from individual to individual.

Do men have a preference in labia size? What do many ladies like better, small or large inner lips? What would you want if you were told to choose? Do you like the small sized ones like those of porn stars? These are some of the questions regarding this part of the vagina that have raised concern among ladies.

To know whether shorter labia minora is good or bad for you, let us first understand what different men and women prefer?

What do men prefer?

It is true that men have a preference in labia size. However, there is no perfect size because different people find deferent sizes sexy. While some prefer shorter labia, others prefer a larger one for various reasons.

For some men who don’t like giving oral sex, they like women with small labia and who are completely shaved. The reason for this is that they find small, clean and shaved labia more attractive than large ones. You will hear them calling it a “roast beef sandwich,” a phrase that can make a woman feel more insecure in bed.


However, there is a category of men who don’t like oral sex but still like large labia minora. For them, they get aroused quickly when they see large ones and especially get turned on by a woman who enjoys showing them off.


Another category of men is those who like to go down on a woman. For them, larger labia give them a far more pleasure when they are giving oral sex. They also find large fleshy dangling labia so sexy to see.

What do women prefer?

woman thinking

Interesting, majority of women with a larger labia prefer smaller labia(read the natural way how to do it, tightening vagina diy). They find a larger size unattractive and repulsive, the reason most of them go for surgery to fix them. A limited number of women with smaller inner lips wish their labia were larger. They say that they love pictures of women with larger inner lips because they were told that larger ones bring greater pleasure to men.

What do doctors say?

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Doctors say that it is a natural thing to have smaller or larger labia minora. They advise against surgery because there are risks of chronic pain and horrible scarring. Plus the fact that it is done under general anesthetic which is riskier for those with severe medical conditions such as heart attack or existing blood disorder.

Doctors also advise against labia surgery saying that women who are deemed to have larger labia minora have a better chance of having fewer complications while giving birth.

Way to go?

If you are getting older and are gravely concerned over insignificant flaps of skin in your underwear, it is important to seek advice from a doctor before you consider surgery. If you are in a relationship, it is also advised you talk to your partner to know how he feels about your labia before decide otherwise.

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