How Important Are Pubic Hairs to Your Vagina’s Hygiene


When it comes to understanding what the best practices are for your personal hygiene, and in particular those areas of a private nature such as your vagina, there is often confusion and misunderstanding. There are some misconceptions and often passed on by well-meaning but misguided friends and relatives that if followed will cause more harm than good.

How to take care of vagina? For many people their pubic hair is just ‘there’ and they go through life barely even thinking about it or giving it much thought. However, there are some females in particular that have much confusion and conflict with regards this subject. A prime example is an issue of whether or not it is beneficial and healthier to shave one’s pubic hair or should you be leaving it well alone.

What Good Does Pubic Hair Do for You?

bushFor both men and women, the onset of pubic hair growth around their genitalia is a sign of sexual maturity and although this might not always be maturity at a psychological or behavioral level it is an unmistakable sign that one has reached a certain level of your physical growth. At a practical matter Pubic hair does have a role to play the health of a female’s genitalia. It can prevent ailments like yeast infections, reduce sweat rashes and acts as a shield against other nasties such as germs.


One of the myths about shaving female pubic hair is that men are more attracted to women who have no or very little pubic hair around their vagina. This may be compounded by pornographic photographs and movies having a tendency to show models or ‘actresses’ who have very little or no pubic hair. In reality, many men prefer to see their sexual partner unshaved and it is doubtful that many people would say no to an attractive female purely due to the fact she had pubic hair.

Are There Risks to Removing Pubic Hair?

razorApart from the obvious ones regarding being clumsy with the scissors or trimmer when you are shaving down there, then there are several health considerations you need to be aware of. Firstly, one role of pubic hair is to keep bacteria and viruses reaching your vagina. There are also many females who after having shaved suffer terrible itchiness and irritation, which some lotions can relieve but they are not always able to eliminate them completely.

As a woman, you also have to learn how to keep your vagina tight naturally.

As long you have a personal hygiene regime that includes washing your genitalia then everything should be okay. Even if you do not want to shave completely, it is advisable to trim your pubic hair occasionally as allowing it to become overgrown can attract undesirables such as genital lice and other germs.


Ultimately, the choice of whether you shave around your vagina is a personal one, and only you can decide. If for sexual reasons you prefer how you look cut or have a partner who has a preference that you do shave, then these may be the deciding factors. However, if they care for you, they will also understand if for health reasons you do what you believe is best for your well-being and don’t shave.

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