Is Pregnancy Really The Main Cause of a Loose Vagina?

black-and-white-image-of-pregnant-ladyAny woman who is in love would want to satisfy her man when it comes to sex and lovemaking. Studies show that most people would end up cheating on their ladies if they do not get the sexual satisfaction they need. But what leads to sexual dissatisfaction? One common reason is the vaginal looseness. When a woman is loose, the man might not enjoy the sex life, and the lady herself will find it difficult to have an orgasm.

What Causes Vaginal Looseness?

Most commonly known, pregnancy is the leading cause of a loose vagina. But how does this happen? First off, the vagina walls are very much elastic, like the lips of the mouth. They will become relaxed and lubricated when the woman is aroused for easy penetration and tightens when the woman is not aroused.

However, during childbirth, the vagina will stretch further, which then makes it saggy. For that reason, the woman’s vagina will be extra saggy for about six months, then get back to the same size it was before giving birth. Even though pregnancy leads to a loose vagina, there is still hope of the walls contracting back to the initial tightness.

Does Pregnancy Really Cause it?

woman-holding-pregnant-bellyIn some cases, the vagina might not snap back to the initial size after the lady gives birth. This will mean that the woman will relatively have a loose vagina for quite a long time. The permanently loose vagina will be caused by two different conditions;

  • Young women with multiple pregnancies. Just like an elastic band stretched widely repeatedly, it will end up losing its elasticity and become loose. The same happens when a lady goes through several births.
  • Older women. The vaginal muscles will experience aging fatigues as the woman gets past the age of 30 or so. Here, the muscles will not be able to contract back to its normal size after the woman gives birth. Also, other older women that are past the mid-life age will always complain of having a loose vagina, even without going through childbirth.


So is pregnancy the primary cause of a loose vagina? Yes, it is, though other factors might also affect the vaginal tightness. Other than aging, the use of specific drugs can influence the tightness of the vagina. For instance, some drugs contain ingredients that influence the female hormone production. Such hormones are vital in the lubrication and tightening of the vaginal muscles. For that, it is advised to consult your doctor before you use specific drugs.

Is Pregnancy the Main Reason?

woman thinkingIf you are afraid of being loose after pregnancy, you can opt for two popular options that will return your vagina to its normal shape. First off, there is the vagina tightness gel, which works almost instantly after you apply it around your vagina. Then there is the longer process, the vaginal surgery. With the surgery, it is an invasive method that will take long to deliver and heal.

Each of these options come with good and bad sides, so you should weigh both of them and find the specific one that will suit your preference. It is advised to know what each of them will cost so that you don’t end up spending too much money in the end.

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