Can Pineapple Change the Smell of Your Vaginal Discharge?

At some point in your life or the other, you’ve probably heard how the things you eat influence how you smell and taste are down there. This is not a myth; in fact, this especially true in the case of the vagina. You may have also heard people say that eating pineapples or drinking pineapple juice is beneficial when you are sexually active because it makes you taste sweeter in your lady bits. But, is this the entire truth?

Is there some catch researchers are trying to hide or just saying this to gain publicity? In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the relationship between pineapples and the vagina so that all your curiosity comes to an end.


How should the vagina taste like?

The taste and smell of a vagina mainly come from the fluids inside of it and is stronger inside of the vagina than it is outside of it. While the natural taste may not be exactly sour, it is a bit astringent because the vaginal fluids are no doubt acidic in nature. Sometimes the lady bits even emit a metallic odor or taste due to the high levels of acidity. Overall, it can be said that the vagina smell and taste may vary from one person to another.


What’s the evidence available?

puppy-smellyAccording to Cory Silverberg, a sexuality expert, the taste and smell of a woman’s lady bits very on some things that include vaginal secretions that happen during foreplay, natural bodily secretions, sweat, and the diet she may be on. The way a vagina smells and tastes have a direct correlation to its pH balance. If the taste is somewhat off, then it might mean there’s some anomaly on the healthy pH balance.

According to Dr. Mary Rosser, who is a GYN/OB at Montefiore Medical Center in New York, held the vagina stint to have a naturally acidic pH alongside a host of other healthful bacteria that keep infections away and maintain the natural ecosystem of the private area the way it’s meant to be. Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D., mentions that apart from food and natural bodily secretions, antibiotics and other strong medication can also alter the taste and make it less desirable.

If you want to change the composition of the vaginal discharge and turn it towards the better, then cutting down on cigarettes, alcohol, refined sugar, and caffeine would be a good way to begin.

How to taste and smell better down there?

vaginal discharge

There’s nothing wrong with having a vagina smelling like how it should be because after your entire lady parts are your pride. Eating pineapples have shown to make one smell and taste good because they have pH altering abilities to make the composition less acidic. Read also about natural vaginal tightening procedure.

Other sweet fruits like strawberries, mangoes, grapes, etc. can also have a good influence and make you more desirable to your man. So, don’t cut down on fruits and salads if you want to taste sweet down there, and you’ll be ready to entice your partner with the delightful aroma of your great lady part.

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