Does Vinegar Really Work In Tightening The Vagina?

vinegarWomen have been trying to figure out natural, healthy ways to tighten their vaginas since before there was even color television. Though many view unpleasant looseness down there as a purely cosmetic issue, in reality, it can wreak havoc on a woman’s life! A loose vagina is a sure way to crush your confidence, resulting in crippling self-consciousness and a decreased performance (and not to mention pleasure!) in bed. Looseness can also exacerbate incontinence and encourage the development of urinary tract infections! If left unaddressed for an extended period of time, it can even result in anxiety or depression.

This means that, yes, a woman struggling with a less-than-stellar opinion of her vagina will often find that the self-consciousness and discomfort permeate the rest of her life.

It’s enough to make even the most confident woman want to crawl in a hole and weep. Surgery is expensive, and there are some things you just can’t put a safety pin on. So what does a woman have to do? Well, I’ll tell you the secret, and it’s probably already in your pantry. See also the foods that help maintain vagina.

Vinegar Douching For Your Vagina

woman holding her stomachThough it’s one of the less well-known home remedies, women have been using vinegar to tighten vaginas for some time now. And it works.¬†Even if the results may not come as quickly or dramatically as if you subjected yourself to a series of painful, risky surgeries (I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not have a knife anywhere near these delicate loins!), the fact is that it doesn’t always work. But sometimes it works well enough that women who love their friends deeply and altruistically often overcome their embarrassment to recommend it to them.

Although this solution has worked for some women, we do not recommend it as there are no real scientific claims that it does indeed work in tightening the vagina. Also, there is also no point in wasting vinegar in your baths as well as smelling like a fish afterward. It’s just a hassle to do this when there are more viable options available, and ones that work in getting a more firm area down there.

What else can we say about this remedy? I guess it’s just one of those old myths that were passed along from generation to generation and just never died down.CTA

Tightening The Vulva Is Not An Easy Task

GIRL IN SHOCKSo how does it work? Unlike a lot of other natural vaginal tightening methods, it’s pretty simple. With this one simple treatment, you won’t need to scour the internet for many exercises, funky-smelling chemicals or herbs no one knows how to pronounce.

Here’s how to use vinegar to tighten vaginas:


First, find your vinegar and bottled or distilled water. If you already use apple cider vinegar for other skincare purposes, that will work fine! Simply mix one part vinegar to two parts water (you may want to warm the water ahead of time for comfort purposes– just make sure you don’t heat it too much, or else you’ll wind up scalding your weak, vulnerable lady bits) and use it like you would use any other douche rinse. You don’t need to drown yourself in it, but make sure you have enough of the concoction for a good, thorough wash every time you do this. Repeat this process with some regularity, be consistent, and let the solution do its work. You should only have to use this wash once every day or two. Any more frequently than that, and you run the risk of upsetting the healthy bacteria that live inside your vagina.

And there you have it! Used regularly, a vinegar astringent will help cleanse and tighten your vagina. Be patient, be consistent, and watch the magic happen… maybe. We do not guarantee results from using vinegar because there are no real evidence of it ever working. Although, many old-timers have sworn by the effectiveness of using vinegar as douches for the vagina, I would take that information with a grain of salt because of the scientific facts that would love to disagree with that information here

Should I Do it Then?


In our opinion, NO! But if you can take the smell of vinegar on your body and let it sit on you for a while then you are very welcome to try. Although the results can vary, and there are no guarantees to it ever working. The choice is yours if you want to take the smelly route.

What we would suggest is that you work on your body through exercises, a good diet and products like V-Tight Gel that work and are safe for you to use on a daily basis but where can I get V Tight Gel and how does it work? With these, your results are pretty much set in stone, and you will be able to see permanent results in as little as a couple of weeks.