Is it Safe to Use Coconut Oil as a Vaginal Lube?

coconut oil for vagina lube?

Coconut oil has become something of a cause celeb attracting attention for its medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are so beneficial to those on a ketogenic diet and for its ability to aid in obtaining smooth, supple skin. It’s also being touted of late as a dandruff treatment and many are using it as a type of natural deodorant. Pretty soon, it seems, scientists will discover it’s an effective remedy for the Pacific garbage patch and, when slathered on asteroids, has the ability to make them change course thereby sparing the earth from annihilation. Just kidding on those last couple of points. But the fact is coconut oil is a pretty amazing substance. So amazing in fact that it’s now being used as a vaginal lubricant and essential addition to the erotic arsenal of many women. But is it safe to use this type of oil on your vagina?

The Great Lube Debate

oil came from coconutCoconut oil is being used more and more often as a beauty aid. Some women apply directly to their skin as a moisturizer while others add a bit to their morning coffee in order to take advantage of its MCTs, which aid in weight loss and also are said to help restore healthy skin from within. Still, others, however, have found that a bit of coconut oil applied to the vagina piercings before and/or during sex makes a smashing lubricant that not only keeps things moving in a harmonious fashion but it also edible for those who forgot to add it to their morning Joe.

The practice of using this type of oil as a sex lube has lately generated a lot of activity on Internet forums and medical websites as women (and some guys) try to determine if the coconut oil/lube connection is real and, more importantly, if it’s safe.

How Does One Lubricate The Vagina with Coconut Oil?

female with questionBefore we get into whether or not coconut oil is safe let’s take a quick look at how women are using it to solve the problem of vaginal dryness. It seems there are two schools of thought when it comes to the natural ways for vagina tightening subject.

The first says that if you have a history of vaginal dryness apply this type of oil the way you might apply baby oil or any other lube. Squirt some onto your fingers and rub it in lightly covering all the areas you expect to see activity. Some women will use their fingers to lubricate as far inside as they can reach, while others will contain the application mostly to the exterior of the vagina with perhaps a bit being applied fingertip-deep to the inner walls of the opening.


The second school of thought looks upon this type of oil as a kind of ointment to be applied after sex in the event of irritation. For these ladies the occasional intense romp can often cause tiny cuts and scrapes in the vagina that can be very uncomfortable. This is because their body goes from no sex for a long time to a sudden infusion of hot and heavy. To remedy the discomfort some turn to coconut oil and apply it as a soothing balm which they swear is like a cool drink of water on a scorching hot day.

What About Coconut Oil as an Erotic Edible?

naughty lady and a coconut oilWhen you lubricate your vagina before sex it’s likely you don’t want to preclude the possibility oral sex. This means that whatever you apply to the vagigi needs to be edible. As such, many women are turning to this type of oil as their lube of choice because it’s not only edible it will provide the person who consumes it with some real health benefits. What could be better? Well, as it turns out it may well be a tasty treat for the orally inclined but, like all oil-based lubricants it can do some eating of its own. By that we mean that when it comes in contact with a latex condom it can break down the structural integrity of the latex, effectively rendering the condom useless. Unless you’re into getting pregnant (and why would you have your guy use a condom if that’s what you wanted?) you should avoid using coconut oil and latex condoms together. There are some other types of condom made of animal skin or polyurethane that won’t be affected by this type of oil. At the same time, however, they are not as effective in preventing pregnancy and STDs, so there’s a trade-off.

What Doctors Have to Say

2 doctors talkingYou can never be too careful when it comes to putting things on or in your vagina so we did our own search of the Internet to see what doctors are saying about the practice of using coconut oil as a vaginal lube. Opinions it turns out, were decidedly mixed, with some openly declaring that, in their opinion, it may be patently dangerous.

For instance one Ob-Gyn opined that, although this type of oil may indeed be an effective lubricant, it might be more trouble than it was worth. That’s because it needs to be effectively cleaned out afterward to prevent it interfering with the vagina’s natural self-clean mechanisms. This opinion is based on very limited research that suggests this type of oil impacts antimicrobial activity within the vagina. This, when taken with the known fact that coconut oil can decrease the movement of water on cells membranes, leads some to conclude that it does more harm than good and can actually gunk up natural processes within the vagina. Check out here for the best vaginal tightening cream.

Another doctor, this one at a sexual health clinic, stated forcefully that, although this type of oil can be an effective lubricant it may also lead to vaginal infections, some of them severe. This too seems to be a result of coconut oil clogging membranes and interfering with the natural microbiome of the vagina. Since vaginal infections tend to be extremely unpleasant phenomenon this particular doctor’s opinion is that coconut oil should not be on your nightstand. At least until more comprehensive studies are performed to determine whether it’s actually safe or not.

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