Increase Passion in Your Relationship Through Sex

relationshipThe start of a relationship is always great, the sex, the energy and passion is top gear. During this time you can barely keep your hands off each other. However as time goes by, couples start to feel that their passion and love is fading. Is it true that everything fades with time? You can reinvigorate the passion in your relationship by straightening matters in the bedroom. Below are ways you can spice up and bring the passion back in your relationship, and get your man or woman to crave for you as they did before.

How to increase passion in your relationship through sex

1. Touch Often and Charm their Desires

two people touching

Touch is a fundamental human need that makes us feel we are loved and wanted. It signifies the closeness of emotions. Do not reserve touching and kissing to the moments of initiating sex alone, do it often , hold hands, kiss and hug. This helps to ignite the feel good hormones. Higher levels of touching lead to a passionate relationships. For sex appeal, women need to facelift their wardrobes. Get sexy lingerie, wear lipstick, and keep your hair good(female anatomy). Look, good for your man, let the curves show. Men should be neat and smell good, let the muscles show to get her blood rushing.

2. Talk About Sex

talking about sex

How will you understand the sex needs of your partner and gauge whether you do things right? Talk about sex with him or her. Assure them that they are track, compliment their efforts and make them feel appreciated for who they are and what they do in the sex department. Men and women feel pressure to perform and your compliment can really get them going. If you have any discontents it is good to talk it out openly, and suggest ways that he or she can improve. These are conversations of the soul, and they help to fuel the understanding and love between partners. Ever wonder what makes a vagina tight and feel more orgasm in bed?

3. Be Passionate

passion sign

Get the boredom out of your bedroom. Sex is not only of the body but of the mind too, and sometimes of the heart. It is the fire that fuels all romantic relationships. Make it thrilling and amazing in the bedroom, in the kitchen or wherever your sexual spontaneity deems fit. Stay away from the routines and try new fun and experience with your man or woman. Get rough and kinky scratching backs and pulling hairs off, or get real slow and smooth with candle lights and chardonnay. Do what you have to stretch the limits of ecstasy.


Be creative with new positions, but remember teasing and foreplay counts a lot than the action itself. Stretch the limits of your flexibility in the bedroom as you do in the gym. You understand your man’s or woman’s fantasies from the conversation that you have been having, make their dream come true. A reserved partner in the bedroom is a passion killer.

Do not resist the sexual energy coming from your man or woman whether in public or in your home. This is the energy that makes relationships last.


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