Top 5 Ways To Get Pregnant Easily

You may have spent several years using all birth control methods to avoid getting pregnant, but since you have made up your mind to be a mother, you may want it to happen as soon as possible. There are some ways you use to increase your chances of getting pregnant easily. This is what we have covered in this article. Just read on to learn more.

1. Have sex before ovulation day

pregnant-woman-holding-handsWhenever you feel a hormonal surge, it is the perfect time to have sex. Be sure to be sleeping with your partner on that day or the next two days. The reason for this is because your cervical mucus is at its best to help the sperm to swim towards the egg. Since sperms can survive inside the uterus in a period of 24-48 hours, there will be enough of them to meet their egg. Having sex at the right time will increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

2. Know exactly when you ovulate

If you have a regular 28- day cycle, start counting 14 days from the first day you had your menstrual period. This will help you determine the day you usually ovulate. If you have an irregular ovulation cycle, getting help from your ovulation kit will help you determine the day you are most fertile. Keep in mind that your temperature dips by a half 24 hours before ovulation and then starts to shoot up when you begin ovulating. However, you shouldn’t rely entirely on your body temperature since it may be affected by various environmental and health conditions.


3. Helpful positions


There are several sex positions that you can try to increase your chances of conception. It may be worth trying some of them. For instance, experts recommend the classic man on top position. If you want to try this position, place a pillow under your hips and make sure your legs are raised after sex. This will make it easier for the sperm to navigate upstream to meet any potential egg. They also advise against standing up sex position as sperm may run out preventing you from getting pregnant.

4. Reduce Caffeine Intake

You need to eliminate all caffeine drinks, tea, and sodas if you want to get pregnant easily. With too much caffeine in your body, absorption of iron will be difficult. Without iron in your body, your fertility will be significantly affected. Fruit juices and milkshakes are an option you can have when trying to get pregnant.

5. Stop taking contraceptive pills

pillsIf you have been on the contraceptives pills for several years before deciding to get pregnant, it may take a few weeks off the contraceptives for your monthly periods to return to normal. But once you stop using them, you will be able to get pregnant.

Before we go the conclusion expert also says that tightening vaginal walls increases the chance of you getting pregnant.


These are some of the few ways you can use to get pregnant easily. It is also a good idea to visit your doctor for professional advice. Your doctor will do a full exam on you, look at your medical history and address any issues at hand. They will also advise you on the best ways to get pregnant faster.

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