How To Find Your G-Spot Easily

G-spot is believed to be a super-sensitive area inside the front wall of the vagina. Just like the clitoris, when this spot is stimulated by hand it can help you reach orgasm quicker than penetrative sex.

For those of you who are satisfied that the G-spot does exist but just need a little help finding it, here is how:

1. Get a Helper


If you find it hard reaching G-spot by use of fingers through masturbation, you can always use a vibrator or a wand with a curved end. This will do the trick. When you are sure that you have reached the G-spot, rub it gently using your vibrator or a wand. This will provide the pleasure you are looking for.

2. Involve your partner

Get your partner involved in finding your G-spot. Have him insert his middle finger and curve it back towards himself once it’s inside you. You can also let your partner stimulate your clitoris by rubbing it with his thumb for extra pleasure and sensation.

Having someone to help you out to explore the parts of your vagina is incredibly helpful if you are looking for the button of pleasure that is the G-Spot.

3. Take advantage of your man’s curve

curved banana

While searching for G-spot, your man’s penis curve plays an important role. If your boy has a curved penis when they erect, take advantage of it by allowing it to hit the G-spot. Position it in an angle that it will run you G-spot directly.


4. Try the standing doggie style position

doggy style

The standing doggie position makes a man’s penis correctly in line with your G-spot. You can use a wall standing or even a mirror and let your boy hit it from the back. At first, allow him to push in and out just slowly from behind. This position is an excellent experiment for finding your G-spot.

5. Support your pelvis

For missionary position lovers, it is advisable to put a few pillows or some support under your butt before sex. Placing your body at this angle will make it easy for your man’s penis to reach your G-spot. – see tightening vaginal tips

6. Do the Butterfly position

man-and-a-woman-having-intercourseButterfly position is a good place for finding your G-spot if your man has a straight erection. It makes it easier for you to locate your G-spot. Just lie on your back on the table or counter. Then, lift your legs and put them on your man’s shoulders. You can tilt your pelvis in an upward manner so as your back creates a straight line that’s angling towards him. Also, make sure your crotches are meeting. Your man now needs to place his hands below your hips to hold you closer while he is thrusting you.

7. Do the GYNO position

GYNO position is another way you can use to find your G-spot. When you want to try this method, first make sure you are clean. While in bed, prop yourself up with your legs wide spread as if you have visited the gyno. Apply lube on your middle finger and then put it in your vagina when your palm is facing up. Your G-spot should be at the top of the wall of your vagina. That is halfway between the cervix and the vaginal opening.

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