4 Tips on How to Enjoy Vaginal Sex Even More


Many women experience frustration from their inability to enjoy vaginal-penile intercourse. It is common for women to feel the fullness and closeness but rarely does they feel the intensity that they believe they should. Many women don’t enjoy vaginal penetration but instead they find more pleasure from clitoral stimulation. Various scientific studies that have been conducted have shown that the vagina contains nerves and blood vessels that make it as sensitive as the clitoris. In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to enjoy vaginal sex even more.

1. Don’t rush things

The biggest mistake that many couples do when having sex is rushing things. Unlike clitoris stimulation which stimulates a woman fast, vaginal stimulation takes time. Before you engage in vaginal sex, you need to take quality time to stimulate your body. If you interpret vaginal orgasm achieving organism through penetration alone, then you have gotten it wrong. Vaginal sex cannot be enjoyed without some clitoral stimulation and caress. Unlike men who are visual and get aroused fast, women take time before they get into sexual moods. Just take things slow and integrate things that you like before the actual penetration.

2. Try different sex positions

having sexDifferent sex positions have different stimulation effect on the vagina. Better know the parts of vagina some women experience more pleasure when they are on top while others like it when their partner is on top. Various scientific studies that have been conducted have revealed that woman on top position usually gives women more freedom to control the pace, rhythm as well as vaginal stimulation. Doggy style, on the other hand, allows deep penetration that is making the stimulation even more exciting. Don’t just focus on one sex position especially if it does not give you give the satisfaction that you are looking for? Try out different styles and see how they turn out.


3. Have a partner who understands you

Do you know that your partner plays a significant role in determining how you are going to enjoy vaginal sex? If you have not been having pleasure from vaginal penetration, the chances are that you have a partner who does not understand or not willing to work with you to help you enjoy yourself. Ensure that you have a partner who does not pass judgment on your personal preferences or blames you for not enjoying vaginal penetration. Sexual intercourse involves two people. This means that you partner a significant role in determining whether you will enjoy vaginal sex or not.

4. Ensure that you in the right mind state


Sexual pleasure does not happen by physical stimulation alone. In fact, various studies have shown that sexual desire occurs in mind. If you want to enjoy vaginal sex, even more, it is imperative to be in the right mind state. Know what you what to achieve and work toward making it. It was also crucial to know what turn you on. Once you know your arousal type, getting into the right mental state will be easy, we suggest you also to do vaginal tightening procedures. Don’t allow things like stress, boredom, fear and guilt to take control because it will prevent you from enjoying vaginal sex.


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