How Do Vaginas Become Flappy And Loose?

Let’s face it; the vagina is one of the most crucial parts of the body. It gives us the confidence in being women in addition to providing us with the identity of being who we are. However, as we age and as the body undergoes subtle changes, this all-important organ tends to loose tightness. A flappy cervix tends to affect our sex lives, and at times this can lead to painful sex or even no desire for intercourse at all.

Are you having problems with a loose vag? Well, don’t worry, millions of women like you across the world face this problem every year. It’s only natural that people find it difficult to discuss such topics in public or with their peers. But as embarrassing as a flappy vagina may be, the secret to recovery lies in seeking an out-of-the-box solution instead of hiding and suffering in silence.

What are the Causes of a Loose Vagina?

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A study is done in 1986 by two scientists (Mckey and Dougherty 1986) on 30 women aged 20-42 found that better developed vaginal muscles were linked to having orgasms. Conversely, pregnancy and age were related to decreased strength of vaginal muscles and less sexual pleasure.
Later in 1997, another advanced study (Bernstein, 1997) was conducted using ultrasound measurements. The analysis confirmed that vaginal tissue tends to reduce with age especially among older women. In some cases, loose vag muscles were seen to cause urinary incontinence especially among women older than 60.

For most of the time, it is due to older age, and some of it are due to childbirth, both reasons are entirely natural and are to be expected from women. Nevertheless, many women are continuing their search for reasons why it is happening as well as solutions for it that can be permanent for them to achieve a better sex life. See also my review of V-Tight Gel

The answers to this question might not be as far as most ladies would think as they can be remedied through gels and creams, and in some cases surgery. There are also natural ways to do it, but some people are a bit reluctant as they do not think that they are as capable as their medical counterparts.

But rest assured, they work just as fine, sometimes even more efficient as they are natural exercises, diet, lubricants and more that can help you regain that lost youth that you are aching for.

I’m Worried My Vagina Is Too Flappy

worried womanVags come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. However, on average an unstimulated lose vag should measure around 3/4 inch width. During sexual stimulation, this width may increase to two inches (2 inches) or thereabout. A flappy pussy may measure up to 21/4 inch or even 21/2 inch when stimulated. And, when talking about vaginas, a larger one than normal isn’t a good thing to hear about.

The problem is, the loose vaginas have reduced sexual pleasure and eventually affect your confidence. The more you try to live quietly with this issue, the worse it gets. Having a terrible sex life with your partner can definitely put a strain on your relationship. Still not convinced? Ask one of your divorced friends a list of reasons why they have broken up, and you’ll certainly find “Passionless sex” on that list.

Instead of worrying about the loose size, you should think of taking proactive steps to recover. Nowadays, unlike in the past, there are many solutions to restoring your precious “honey pot” back from a loose vag state. It is just a matter of what that will make the biggest difference in your female body.


Here are Some Tips to Make Sure you Get Back Your Youth:

1. Easy Workouts to Get your Tightness Back

lady holding a dumbellJust like lifting weights can firm up your arms, working your lose pussy muscles can tone up your vulva. Kegel exercises, in particular, are known to target the pelvic floor muscles stimulating them and increasing their ability to contract it.

You can easily perform these exercises at home by squeezing your inner muscles by stopping or pausing your pee randomly throughout when you visit the washrooms. So you simply do your usual peeing, but amidst it, you make a sudden stop and hold for a moment. You then release, stop again and hold for a few more seconds. Once you are confident about it, repeat the exercise several times throughout the day (and do it over time).

From experience, if you do kegel exercises over time, they do work on improving a flappy vag. However, you need to be super-patient and super-consistent which is quite challenging especially for a modern-day busy woman.

2. Lose the Unnatural and Go Herbal

herbsHerbal or botanical remedies have been used from time immemorial to regenerate lose vaginal tissues. And although Gynecologists warn about their potential side effects to your health, it is a fact that some of them work. A good example is Pueraria Mirifica, a plant that is grown in Thailand. A 2007 study showed that extracts from this plant work as phytoestrogen by instantly activating estrogen receptors and after that improving the thickness of loose vagina walls and enhancing the vag fluid production.

On the flip-side, though, most herbal supplements are still under study, and it may not be safe for you to go ahead and use them without your gynecologist’s consent. It would be weird anyway to simply just put random plants near your private area.

So what then is the best solution to a lose and flappy vagina then? Go on below to see more of the best tips that you can’t miss out on.

3. Clinically-Tested, Proven & Safe Products

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Historically, the biggest success rate with loose vaginas has come from the use of creams. Creams tend to work well because they are clinically tested and proven. They have saved many vag loose women from undergoing painful medical surgery since they work seamlessly even when applied topically. Typically, you can see (or experience) the flappy vagina improvement in a few days especially if you combine it with kegel exercises.

Mostly, cream manufacturers combine the best of herbs with the best of science to create a product that works fast without endangering your well-being. A good example of cream that has been proven to live up to many vagina loose women’s expectations is the V-Tight Gel which is an all-natural tightening lotion that contains essential phytochemical elements needed to tighten a flappy vagina.

How to Fix Your Loose Vagina Easily & Instantly?

a happy girlMany women from all over the world are looking for a quick fix to this issue. Many also are not looking to invest too much time working on it. They would rather just pay the money upfront for a product that can give them the results that they want. This is where V-Tight gel comes into play. V-Tight gel is probably one of the most popular products in the vaginal tightening market, and hundreds of thousands of women are using it every day. With just one simple application each day, you’ll get the tighter body that you have always dreamed of. No more spending hours in the gym and working on your squats or expensive vaginal rejuvenation surgeries. Although doing proper exercises helps the process work much faster, it is not required to do anything special other than using the product itself. So, what are you waiting for? Your quick fix solution is one click away.

If you want to learn more about V-Tight gel, click here as we have reviewed the product intensively. You will learn from our V-Tight gel review how it can help you get back the body that you’ve lost.CTA

Final Word

Loose vaginas should never push our women to the wall with embarrassment and self-consciousness. And neither is a crazy surgery necessary. You can get all the results you are looking for by just using natural techniques to start transforming your body today. The secret to improving a loose vag is to keep it natural, and simple like vinegar for tightening vagina.

So, if you do have a loose pussy and are aching to find an improvement then choosing the V-tight Gel is an excellent first choice. The product alone is enough to get the results that you want, but if you want a more long term result, then you will have to go the extra mile and do natural exercises paired up with a healthy diet for you to get it.