How Can I Reach Orgasm?

sexual pleasureIf you are a woman who has trouble reaching orgasm, you are probably feeling frustrated and lacking in sexual self-confidence. After all, you want to be able to show your partner that he is a great guy, and that he can sexually satisfy you in bed. Similarly, if you are a man in relationship with a woman who has difficulty achieving the “O”, you are probably feeling a mixture of guilt, embarrassment and shame, that you are not satisfying your woman. Follow the tips below and you will be well on your way to a climactic sexual experience. See here how to find the best lubes for vaginas.

Prepare yourself mentally

One way to ensure you reach orgasm is to prepare yourself before you even see your man. This will help keep you in that heightened state of excitement. Fantasize about what will unfold later that night, visualizing every hot detail. Remember that the body responds to stimulation pretty fast if you are turned on psychologically. Speaking of mental preparation, don’t allow yourself to peak. When you and your guy hit the sheets, your body will hastily return to the level of build-up you have achieved throughout the day, and your guy can get you to climax within minutes.


woman lying down

Self-stimulate yourself

The majority of women feel a bit uncomfortable with the idea of self-stimulation and those that are not opposed to it have conflicting feelings about it. If you can’t get yourself a tighten vagina cream diy then the orgasm can easily be achieved, how can you expect your man to get you to climax? When you do it, be sure to identify your procedure so that you can explain the entire process to your partner. Be as specific as possible with regards to a sensitive location, speed as well as pressure. Tell him how you managed to climax so that he gives you the stimulation that will result to that coveted “O”.

Increase your pleasure

Caressing one of your erogenous zones is crucial, but to hit the high note even quicker you need to multitask. If you can stimulate more than one zone at the same time, you will double your pleasure, which can shove you over the edge faster than you think possible. For instance, while he is going down on you, ask him to insert a finger or two inside your vag. Or rub your breasts, inner thighs or neck as he stimulates your lady-bits. This can result in an extra release of oxytocin, a hormone secreted by a posterior lob, which will enhance orgasm.

relax on the beachBe in a relaxed state

Unlike men who can have intercourse and climax just about anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances, women are created differently. If a woman is not calm and detached from the stresses and pressures of work, her chances of climaxing are next to none. When your body is able to relax without feeling anxious about other things, you won’t have difficulty achieving orgasm. Do vagina exercise to determine the relaxation method that is best for you–be it yoga, a hot shower or deep breathing and then commit to getting in that clam, relaxed mood before trying to reach orgasm.


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