What Kind Of Underwear Is Better For Your Vagina?

Does Your Underwear Effect Your Vagina?

naked renaissance ladiesShibu Selection of underwear mainly depends on two things, style and comfort. Sometimes, people give importance to both these factors. But sometimes, people prefer to complement one over the other. But, women are least bothered about their vaginal part when investing in new undergarments. However, it does not mean that the type of undies has sole responsibility for causing bacterial or yeast infection. They can contribute chafing and irritation. They can also worsen preexisting problems in that area. Certain materials trap moisture and heat, which will affect your comfort and undermine the overall balance of bad and good bacteria. Some underwear simply causes skin reactions and chafing. So, what kind of underwear is better for your vagina? Here is an analysis.

Cotton Panties

2 girls flashing undiesAccording to the recommendations of experts, cotton is the best because it does not hold moisture in it. Cotton has a natural moisture drying and wicking effect. Silk is very expensive, and the lacy cuts can be irritating. Therefore, you will get maximum comfort if you use cotton underwear.

Many medical journals expressed that wearing underwear made from synthetic fabrics like lycra and nylon cause vaginal yeast infection. These materials do not have the ability to breathe. So, they are not good for keeping your genital area free from moist and warm, which will lead to the growth of yeast. Therefore, women who are prone to yeast infection should wear breathable underwear. Thus, their panties must be made from wickable fabrics.

If you have the history of recurrent infections, you should not wear tight pants, pantyhose or body shaper undergarments. However, you should remember that some other factors play some major role in the development of vaginal yeast infection. These factors include taking oral contraceptives, or antibiotics, have poorly controlled diabetes, or if you are pregnant.



g-stringWearing thongs can increase the yeast or urinary tract infection in some women. If you have vulvar irritation and vaginitis, you should avoid wearing thongs, which are tight against your anal and genital areas. Your skin is very sensitive in these areas. Thongs may inflame in these areas. Your panties may slide back and forth, which can transfer fecal bacteria from your anus to urethra. It will cause vaginal or urinary tract infection. These problems can be avoided if you wear string panties. Thongs eliminate visible panty lines, but they cause various health problems. They have a unique shape, so it is very easy for bacteria to move from your anus to vagina. It will lead to urinary tract infections.

Antibacterial Undies

Antibacterial underwear is made from fabrics with antibacterial properties. These are special underwear, which is marketed for preventing odours. However, these antibacterial effects may come from nanosilver or silver. But, exposure to nanosilver or silver may disrupt the natural balance of your body. They may also create some other adverse effects.

Wearing panties is better than not wearing panties. If you avoid wearing panties, you will be vulnerable to infections. Wearing underwear is the best way to protect your vaginal area. However, you should select the best one by style and material. Cotton panties are comfortable, soft, healthy and hygienic. Cotton is ideal for regular use because they are lightweight, breathable, and they have a soft texture. Moisture wicking materials that made from nylon or polyester draw sweat away from your body. They can also keep you cool and more comfortable. You can select healthy panties by considering the situation.

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