Does Weight Have Anything To Do With Better Sex?

Obesity not only triggers lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease, but can sabotage your sex life too. Several researches have shown that obesity can lead to erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual stamina as well as hormonal imbalance.

Often, researches indicate that these problems are caused by physical conditions that co-exist with being overweight. Studies have also found that medicines that are used to combat various conditions that go hand-in-hand with diabetes can also result to lack of libido, poor sexual stamina, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction to name a few.

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How is obesity sabotaging your sex life?

The most significant way that excess pounds drags down one’s sex life is by negatively affecting the health of the blood vessels. When one is obese, tiny arteries in the vagina clog, especially when fatty deposits start to form. This process starts and ends with disappointment that usually create friction within relationships. Low sex drive, low self-esteem is usually the result. There has been evidence to indicate that obesity, especially in young women may lead to fatigue and development of self doubt.

Does it affect women’s sex life in the long run?

Women are not alone with sex problems triggered by obesity. Research has shown that women’s sex drive and desire are severely affected by obesity. Women are affected by the same type of blockages that prevent the flow of blood to the penis. When blood vessels leading to the clitoris are blocked, a woman’s body is less responsive, and a drop in sex drive and desire isn’t far behind.


Another problem is that excess body fat can lead to increased sex hormones binding globulins, a natural chemical which binds to testosterone. This means that there aren’t enough sex hormones to meet the demands of normal sex life.

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Can weight loss turn things around?

Weight loss, without a doubt, can resolve these problems. There has been strong and consistent evidence of positive effects of weight loss on sexual functioning for both men and women. Other studies show that most women who trimmed down report satisfaction of sexual activity and much greater feelings about their beauty.

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Losing weight not only helps with the plumbing aspect of low sex drive, erectile dysfunction and lack of libido, but it can also boost one’s confidence, which carries over into the bedroom. Sometimes people need to feel confident in order to beat performance anxiety in the sex arena.

What lifestyle changes should you make?

Weight loss is guaranteed when you watch your diet. In order to lose weight, one needs to eat fewer calories than he/she burns. If you are trying to trim down, avoid those snacks that contain high fat and calories, frozen meals and artificial sweetened drinks. Instead, your meals should include lots of fresh fruits and veggies, lean protein and whole grains. see also how to make vagina tight again

Exercise is important for your overall health, but when you are working to shed those unwanted pounds, it becomes even more essential. Try also to fix either cardio or aerobic exercise into your tight schedule.


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