Does Smoking Weed Dry Out The Vagina?

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Are you a common female user of marijuana (weed)? If you are, then you might have noticed that having sex after a smoking session might leave your vagina dry. Most of the time this drug causes a sense of relaxation that stimulates the sexual organs, thus you might have a lot of sexual intercourse after smoking. This scenario is quite common, and people refer to it as “cotton vagina.” There is some science behind this occurrence, and this read aims at helping you understand why you are not getting the best out of your sexual encounter.

Very few studies have been done about this scenario because most states still consider this drug illegal. However, the few that are in existence clearly outline that marijuana is responsible for the drying up of the vagina, just as allergy drugs are. Most states pay for research when they feel like they will benefit from it, or if a particular substance might cause danger to their population. Medicine companies conduct research if they want to introduce or eliminate a particular drug from their supply. This clearly shows why this scenario has never been a research priority. Its legality is not supported, in the first instance. Learn.

Facts about Smoking Weed and Vaginal Dryness

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The following facts might help you understand the science behind a “cotton vagina.” It will help you look for various alternatives to wet your vagina before sex. In addition to this, vaginal tightening procedure could be helpful if your partner experience. Through these facts, you can help them understand why your vagina keeps drying up.

1. Is it a personal scenario?

Most people think that this scenario is personal to them and other women are not facing the same issue. This is not entirely true. Drugs react differently to different people. In addition to this, various weed qualities respond differently to different people. This means that if research is conducted on this, there will be a lot of inconsistency between the results. Some patients have reported delayed ejaculation caused by smoking weed. Thus, it is evident that marijuana does cause some sexual abnormalities to occur, and these abnormalities vary among different people.

2. Is it a side effect of smoking weed?

Most people develop dry mouth because of continually smoking a certain strain of weed. This is normal. However, if a certain strain of weed is causing dry mouth, it most likely will cause a dry vagina. Mucous membrane drying causes the two side effects. Thus, you could try out various weed strains and settle on the one that does not affect your mucous membranes.

3. Could smoke while on the pill cause vaginal dryness?

Model face with smoke on both earsThis scenario could definitely affect your mucus membrane. We have ascertained that particular strains of weed cause vaginal dryness. Alternatively, if you are an avid user of the pill, then this too might be causing you to become dry. The cervical cycle makes the vagina
really wet. Nature has designed this to take place. Thus, when your fertility increases so does your vaginal wetness. This means that the pill could be the leading cause of your dryness in this scenario since it reduces your fertility through hormone level reduction.

4. What is cannabis lube?

This lubricant is based on coconut oil, which is a marvelous lubricant. Avid weed smokers to lubricate their genitals during sexual penetration use it. Coconut oil is an excellent sexual lubricant it can also be used for vagina tip tightening. It is safe to use in the genital area and has a uniform consistency that does not dry up when in use. In addition to this, coconut oil has a sweet scent that will leave your genitals smelling flowery during and after the intercourse. In addition to this, you can switch up from vaginal sex to oral sex without worrying about the ingredients of the lube. This is because coconut oil is edible.

5. Is the dryness of the vagina relatable to the psychological effects of weed?

Woman fitting jeansIt is true that different weed strains cause different effects. This means that some strains will affect your nerves and cause you to enjoy yourself and experience sexual intercourse on another level. On the other hand, other strains will help you think critically about various issues. The latter strain will most likely not accommodate sexual intercourse since your mind will be too preoccupied to send signals to your reproductive organs. Therefore, you should try out different strains of marijuana to know which one actually works for you.


6. Which marijuana causes one to have a dry vagina?

Well, the wetness of your vagina depends on the THC levels in the marijuana. This was concluded after research was carried out on eight thousand six hundred and fifty women in Australia, in the year 2009. This study was done between marijuana strains that had a higher level of THC and CBD. The women who interacted with high levels of CBD did not experience this situation. Thus, you could experiment with different strains of weed before having sex. Alternatively, you could just refrain from smoking before you engage in the act. If not all these seem favorable, you could opt for using coconut oil as a lubricant if you experience this type of dryness.

Myth Buster

Model smilingSome researchers are against this analysis. They do not see any connection between a dry vagina and a dry mouth. Tami Rowen, who is an OBGYN at the University of California, speaks on this issue and terms it a myth. She states that the only reason why people get dry mouth after smoking is due to the direct interaction that the mouth has with the weed, as recommended cleansing vagina with cucumber is a good option as a natural way to get rid of dryness. The salivary gland has cannabinoid receptors that reduce the saliva amounts once it interacts with weed. This is not the same case with the vagina. The vagina lubricant comes into play when the blood flows to the female genitalia due to arousal. According to her, the two are very different biological processes that have no connection whatsoever.

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