Why Some Women Have More Vaginal Discharge than Others


Vaginal discharge is a clear, milky white towards yellow in color mucous fluid that is released from the cervix lining and the vulva of the vagina. The main components are cervical mucus, which discharges from vaginal walls and sweat from the vulva.

Vaginal discharge is an occurrence that tends to take place in young women. For those who have bypassed menopause and are not using hormones, it is a rare incident since estrogen is being produced in their bodies. In most cases, normal vaginal discharge is considered too healthy as it keeps things going well down there. However, in some cases, it can be regarded as abnormal discharge.

Vaginal discharge is considered normal when it’s not emitting off smell, its color is as discussed above, and it doesn’t cause itching or tummy pain. Normal vaginal discharge has its own “cycle” of happening. It’s light and small after your periods and increases a little towards the middle of the month then increases to its maximum towards your next period.

Many women tend to feel embarrassed because of the kind of discharge they produce and often wonder it’s normal or not. For abnormal discharge, it may have a fishy kind of smell and the color is just different, probably, yellow, brown, gray or any unusual color from the bright, milky white almost yellow color. It also tends to quite dark. Some exercises like cycling and lycra increase the amount of sweat produced by the vulva, and it is that sweat which causes an off smell.

As you already know the exercise that causes it, it must be a good idea to also learn about how to get rid of the bad smell and also the natural way to tighten vagina.

4 Reasons why some women have more vaginal discharge than others

Increased discharge may be due to, but not limited to the following incidences because people are different when it comes to how their bodies function:

1. There could be an infection down there


Cervix entropion, which is a condition where the lining of the cervix protrudes outwards; this can potentially cause increased discharge, yeast infection, a bacterial infection causing vaginosis, vaginitis or can lead to an STD. Anything that causes inflammation of the vagina walls enhances the amount of vaginal discharge, for example, infections such as bacterial vaginosis can cause the vaginal walls to be inflamed.


2. Ovulation period

ovulation calendar

When a woman is ovulating, she may experience more discharge, and it’s normal. Also, when a woman is aroused it can also cause more discharge

3. Obesity

fat woman

Overweight women can experience a heavier discharge because of the amount of sweat generated from their vulva. It’s healthy and comfortable down there when your weight is average.

4. Dressing


Your dressing matters a lot, and it can either make your vaginal discharge lighter or heavier. Use of tights and stretch pants which are not made of cotton can cause an increase in sweat from the vulva and thus increased release. It is prudent sometimes to avoid liners, tights and do more of skirts to get more air down there

Other factors such as the use of birth controls and scented soaps when bathing can also cause more discharge depending on how your body’s hormonal system reacts.

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