In What Ways Does the Weather Affect your Vaginal Health?


We have all experienced the effects of the weather, rain, wind, and sun our hair. What many people don’t know is that an increase or decrease in humidity can also have a profound effect on our vaginal health.

Here is a little bit of information about how the weather is affecting your vagina.

1. Chance of Getting Yeast Infection

As the weather shifts from humid to breezy and crisp, the environment around your vagina becomes friendlier. You will get less sweaty down there. When this happens, there are minimal chances of contracting yeast infections, since there is less humidity around your vagina. However, this is not the case during summer as the sweat and heat increase your risk of getting a yeast infection.

2. It Interferes With Vaginal Comfort

Your vaginal comfort is compromised when the weather shifts from cold to super hot. You may find yourself dealing with a host of issues in your body including a hotter, sweatier or stickier vagina. If you are not wearing pants that are designed from absorbent materials, the moisture around the pubic region will become a ground for acne infection.


couple in bed3. You Might Have More Sex

Studies have shown that couples practice sex more when the weather outside is colder. This means your vagina might be getting a little bit more of a workout when the weather starts to get colder. If you must have sex during this period, be sure to use protection to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and getting pregnant.

4. Won’t Dry Your Vagina Out

How to tighten vagina during sex and won’t dry you out? Even though the cold and dry weather may seem like it would be the enemy of your vagina, it won’t harm your vagina too much. This is because your vagina has its lubrication mechanism, so you will be good down there even if it is cold and dry on the outside. However, if you start to feel any weird changes around your vagina when the weather is cold, try to clean your vagina more often. Don’t be tempted to use scented laundry detergents, fragranced soaps, douches or streams because these things can irritate the vagina.

5.  Change in clothing

The weather can force you to wear tighter clothes which can put you at risk. For instance, you might be obliged to wear a pair of legging to cover your legs from the cold weather outside. When you wear tighter clothes like leggings, you are not letting your vagina breath. This can cause a buildup of bacteria increasing the risk of getting a yeast infection.

shocked woman6. You will be affected indirectly

The changes in weather will also affect your vagina indirectly. For instance, changes in weather can lead to cold and flu which could be bad for your vagina. This is possible because some medications used to treat these common infectious viral illnesses could be harmful to your vagina. They can tamper with your vagina’s natural flora, which means that you might be feeling better after treatment, but your vagina could be feeling worse. Learn the natural ways to tighten vagina.


We know you have got a lot on your mind when it comes to the type of clothes to wear when the weather changes. Whatever you are planning to do, it is also important to ensure your vagina and surrounding area are well-taken care of.

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