Can Sports Help You Keep Your Vagina Tight?

It is a known fact that men prefer younger and tighter women for sex. Though this sounds crass and shallow, this is the bitter truth. This isn’t about the age but about how tight they feel. This not only brings two people physically close but also emotionally. As they “share” the pleasure of orgasm. Of course, sports can help tighten the vagina and the first suggestion would be sports in bed i.e sex. Like any exercise, working any muscles including the vaginal ones tighten and tone it.

A vagina may loosen due to childbirth, menopause or aging. Some women experience either one or both of these at some point, hence the problem of loose vaginas is more or less a universal concern among women.

How to Tighten It Through Sports?

There are many sporting activities that naturally result in a tight vagina and the good thing is, you won’t even realize your vagina is tightening. The fact that this comes naturally means you can go about your daily routines without the inherent fears often accompanying the quests for a tighter vagina. The following are some of these sports.


female swimming

Swimming is a full body workout of the internal organs and every muscle in the body. The plus point about swimming is it keeps you lithe and toned up. And this is exactly what we want for the vagina – a toned tight vagina.

Swimming helps build the upper body, core and lower body. The butterfly stroke is especially good for the core and abdominal muscles. The Lower body – that where the vagina is – is toned by the front crawl’s flutter kick that tones the leg muscles. The muscles of the upper leg or the quadriceps and the hamstrings and the gluteal muscle of the thighs and buttock are worked too. As the lower body is being worked out so are your pelvic muscles.

If you study the anatomy of your body, you will realize the muscles of your thigh and buttock are connected to your pelvis. This means the more you swim the more toned your legs and buttock get and the tighter your vagina becomes. As the benefits are obvious and swimming is a pleasurable leisurely exercise, do it as often as you please. What better way to attain that goddess body and enjoy the process of gaining it?


female running sunset

Running exercises the muscles of the lower body. It would do good to run a mile every day and tone those legs. To add difficulty and strength training, run uphill. This would really work out those glutes and adductor magnus muscles close to the vagina. To ensure the benefits run twice a day, if not twice that at least once daily.


Skating and Cross-Country Skiing


Push off and glide! Engaging your glutes. Skating is an excellent and fun cardiovascular exercise that works the buttocks. If you have the powder, then try cross-country skiing. It not only works the glutes but the pole-planting action exercises the muscles of the upper body too. Please note, you are engaging the same muscles you engaged for swimming and running that lead to the toning of the pelvis.

Cycling, Tennis and Volleyball

people playing volleyball

The lower body is imperative for cycling. It is an effective lower-body and low-impact workout that tones and strengthens the glutes, adductor magnus and legs. Engage the glutes as you stay seated during tough hill climbs. Pushing your buttocks back over the seat when in a standing position.


woman playing tennis

Tennis, like running, has a lot of running around to do but the moving back and forth on the court adds to the workout. This requires controlling the pelvic muscles besides the legs and the buttock. Same with the volleyball with the added routine of jumping. Can you see the muscles being used and toned? Yes!


Playing these sports not only get you fit but fill you with a lithe, athletic grace and sexual confidence. The Flower of Paradise, the Sexy Siren, The White Virgin all role into one when you are fit. And the confidence that you can please your partner starts in your brain. In your thoughts that rev up the body and kick up the chemistry. The secret is, FEEL IT.

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