Can Doing A C-Section Save You From A Loose Vagina?


Vaginal looseness can be a serious source of stress. You will feel pressure to satisfy your man in bed. It can seriously damage your confidence and make you feel insecure about pleasing your partner. These are some of the reasons many women out there are trying their best to maintain their vagina’s tightness.

One of the common questions they are asking is whether a c-section will save them from a loose vagina. Before I give you the best possible answers you can get from experts, let us first understand what happens to the vagina during and after a normal delivery.

Giving Birth Naturally- Does the vagina get loose?

During labor, it is true that vaginal walls and cervical muscles expand and contracts repeatedly leading to slackened muscles. The vaginal opening and walls further lose their elasticity once the baby passes through them. This is one of the most common reasons why ladies find themselves with a loose vagina. So is it true that your vagina will become loose after pregnancy?

Does a Vagina Go Back To Normal After Pregnancy?

Basically, Yes. To some people, the stretching for one to give birth to a six or seven pound baby may sound mind boggling. Nevertheless, our bodies are designed to stretch. The tissues and muscles around the vagina fill with blood. They also move and stretch, but surprisingly enough, they bounce back to their original shape about six weeks after giving birth. All it needs is enough time to recover and return to normal.


Will a C-Section Save You From A Loose Vagina?

doctors-doing-a-c-section-operationThe simple answer to the question is yes and no. After a c-section, your vagina will look the same as before but only on the outside. There will still be some looseness on the inside. What happens is that you will experience labor just like those who give birth naturally. By the time you are taken to the operating theater, the muscles around your pelvic floor have already been stretched for nine months.

That is the reason, even though your vagina may look the same as before from the outside, there will still be some looseness from the inside. Your vaginal walls and cervical muscles may stay the same, without expanding and contracting, but the pelvic floor will cause your vagina to loosen.

Just keep in mind that the tightness of the vagina is due to the strength of the pelvic floor muscles that hold the vaginal canal tightly, giving the vagina its grip and structure. So let nobody cheat you that a c-section will save you from a loose vagina.

Ways To Make Your Vagina Tight After Delivery

fit womanHaving that c-section will not help you avoid a loose vagina; there are several options you have. For instance, a healthy diet can get your sexy back no matter how many kids you have had. Also carrying out regular out squats, leg ups and Kegel Exercises can increase the firmness and strength of various pelvic floor muscles after delivery. You can also try vaginal tightening gels such as V-Tight Gel to reserve the loss of vagina strength, elasticity and hormonal changes after delivery.

If you want to know if it really is true that can you tighten vagina after pregnancy, then read the link that I just posted.

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