So, Why is Your Vagina Drying Up After Sex? Here’s the Explanation…

While not many women would eagerly open up about the subject, vaginal dryness is a pretty common issue that they have experienced at some point. It is something that is expected to occur especially if a woman is starting the menopause period. It is suggested that one in every three women on their menopausal period will feel a little parched in their lower regions.

But it should also be noted that the condition is not limited to the older age bracket alone. There have been instances when it is experienced by women that are aged even younger. In the US alone, there is around 40% of women that experience not getting wet enough while having sexual intercourse. This has made vaginal dryness as the number two most common sexual issues that ladies experience next only to having low libido.

It is a good thing though that there are things that one can do to get all slippery again to make sure that their sexual encounters are going to be nothing short of fun moving forward.

What It Feels Like…

woman and doctorOne should, more or less, have an idea what the feeling is like when you experience dryness down there. The name does speak for itself but one as to remember that the cause may be due to some reasons and interestingly, it can lead to some other issues such as mild bleeding, burning, itchiness, pain during sex, chaffing and tearing of the linings in the vagina, as well as UTIs.

Understanding how it happens and what causes it will make it easier for one to get a better idea what to do and how to deal with it as well as find measures that may alleviate it if not completely prevent it from happening.


Decrease In Estrogen Levels


The gavial walls are lubricated constantly by a layer of liquid. It is maintained for the most part by the hormone known as estrogen. If the estrogen levels in your body become low, it is expected that the wetness level gets affected as well. It is often the decrease of estrogen levels in the woman’s body that causes that dryness to occur. This is something that women go through though as they get older.

This is especially true when they are in their menopause. This is because it is during this time that the estrogen level drops. There are other instances in a woman’s life when the estrogen level decreases as in the case of breastfeeding, childbirth, smoking cigarettes, as well as because of chemotherapy.

Some Medications

Medications can prevent vaginal dryness and also the best way to tighten your vagina, certain medications are known to have a side effect to the overall wetness in the vaginal area. Antihistamines that are found in cold and allergy medications are among these medication types. There are some antidepressants have the same effect too as well as anti-estrogen drugs that are taken for those that have uterine fibroids and endometriosis, as well as in some medicines for asthma.

If this is what has been causing vaginal dryness during and after sex, a good solution would be to switch medications. If you are not very keen about the vaginal dryness that they are experiencing as a result of taking these drugs, you always have the choice to talk to your doctor so he can recommend other alternatives for you. There are likely other medicines that are available that will still give you the same positive results but are not going to cause the same side effects.

Psychological And Emotional Reasons

sad woman

There are some times when the dryness is caused by emotional and psychological factors. One of the reasons for vaginal flatulence is when you’re stressed out or anxious, it is going to affect her mood when in sexual intercourse. It does not matter what the cause of the stress is. It can be life in general or just your relationship in particular. As long as these feelings are affecting your frame of mind, there is an excellent chance that they are going to mess up vaginal lubrication. When the body is stressed, it is likely to cause the production of epinephrine. When it is in unusually high levels, expect that sex is not going to be as fun since the result will likely be vaginal dryness.

A good way to resolve this would be to destress. Find that happy place. One has to remember that different people tend to have their way of dealing with stress and stressful situations, it would be up to you to figure out what solution will work best that will help you have a better and more positive frame of mind.

Insufficient Arousal

It is important to remember that most of the time, the vagina does take some time before it can be in that right place where it is going to have the necessary headspace to be fully ready and excited for some sexy time. If the body is not yet ready, then it is expected that discomfort and chafing are really going to occur.

This is the reason why it is highly encouraged for couples to take it slow. Sex should be something that is relished. There is no need to rush if one wants to feel the entire experience really. You and you partner will feel both satiated with the experience when none of you seem to be in a hurry to get it all done and over with.

There are some reasons why your vagina seems to end up feeing all parched and dried up after you have a sexual encounter – try vaginal tightening home remedies it might help you as well with having insufficient arousal. It should be known though that there are presently wide arrays of products that are available for women to use to ensure that they are properly lubricated whenever they engage in any sexual act. One just needs to pick the right kind to ensure that at the end of the day, she gets to experience sex without having to deal with any of that discomfort and unease that she used to feel before.

8 Products To Avoid on Your Vagina

Over the years, a lot of feminine hygiene products have been sold to a lot of women. There are vaginal douches, washes, soaps, lotions, moisturizers, masks, and even capsules! And out of all of these different women’s products, is there even one that actually works? You should be aware that most of these products are pretty unnecessary, especially when it concerns your vaginal health. All of the medical experts agree that as long as you regularly clean your private parts when you bathe, you should be okay in not using any of these products. In fact, there are even a few risks associated with using some of these products. So ideally, you should be avoiding putting any kind of these products within your private parts at all. And to help you out in knowing what kinds of products to use, here is a list of things that you should not be using for your vagina.


douchesThere are products that are being sold such as douches that you can supposedly use to thoroughly clean your vaginal tract. However, most women should avoid buying douches for the express purpose of cleaning their private parts. This is because water that you use in those douches is not sterile. And even cleaning the douche itself is not a guarantee that it is completely free of any kinds of germs. When you are using a douche in your private area, you are inadvertently removing your own body’s fluids and replacing them with water that could be uncontaminated. It is best just to wash the area of your genitalia from the outside; there is no need to spray water inside of there.

PH-Balance Products

Your body can keep the ph levels of your private parts well-balanced by itself. If you are using any kind of feminine hygiene product that can supposedly create a better balance in the ph levels of your vagina, then you should stop using it. Most doctors say that your private area is fine without using any of those products.



There are all sorts of oils that are being sold to women for their private areas. There are oils for pubic hair, and there are also some oils that can better lubricate your private area as well. You should always avoid using oils within your private area. This is because oils are very hard to wash out, and they will only irritate the skin around your lady bits as well.



One really bizarre trend is when people use capsules filled with glitter inside of their vagina. This is definitely something that you should avoid doing. This is because you are not going to like the feeling of itchiness, plus the added risk of infection when you put glitter inside of your private parts.


A supposed remedy for dryness in your private parts is using a moisturizer. These are meant to restore the hydration in your own

private parts. However, as long as you drink water regularly your body can keep all of its different parts, include your private parts, moisturized. You should also not generally use moisturizers for your private parts because it could contain ingredients that could irritate your whole vagina. There could be oils in most moisturizers. And you definitely should not be using any kind of face or skin moisturizer for your private parts. Since the chemicals in those products may hurt rather than help your dry skin in your private area.

Wasp Residue

Some people are using products that contain wasp residue to tighten the vagina. Oak Gall and other kinds of similar insect-containing products can supposedly make your vaginal tract smaller. However, there is actually very little science backing that fact up. And at best, this is a trend that has no basis at all. The only exercise can make your vagina tighter. And there are no miracle products that are going to rejuvenate your private area. And any kind of product that is marketed as a health supplement for your private parts is something that you should avoid.

Harsh Soaps


Be careful about what kinds of soaps that you use to clean your private parts. This is because soaps that have got harsh chemicals in them can dry out the skin around your private area and also cause a lot of irritation as well. If you are going to use some kind of soap to clean your private parts, you should be using some kind of mild soap. Try to look for a brand of soap that is formulated for sensitive skin, even some baby soaps are safe to use for your private parts. It is always best to use a mild soap to clean your lady parts.


hand cream

Body lotions of any kind should not also be used around your private parts as well. It may be tempting to just slather on some cocoa butter lotion in the area around your dry genital area, but that is a really bad idea. This is because the formula of most lotions is not meant to be used around sensitive areas of your skin. And you are actually going to exacerbate the dry skin problem that you have in your private parts when you apply any kind of body lotion down there. So in general, you should avoid using any kind of body lotion on your private parts.

Remember, your vagina is very sensitive. And anything that you use on it can have a huge impact on how it is. If you want to avoid irritating your private parts, then you should also avoid using all of the above-listed products. You will have a healthier and happier vagina if you are careful about what kinds of hygiene products that you use for it like vaginal tightening powder. Most doctors actually recommend that you just use a mild soap whenever you need to clean your private parts. This is because soap is actually already pretty effective in getting rid of any germs inside and on your body. And your body is also pretty effective by itself in keeping itself healthy. So ideally, when you are cleaning your lady bits, you will not need to use anything else except water and some mild soap!

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Why Do Vaginas Make Queefing Sounds?

sleeping womanAn emission or release of air from your vagina is called a queef. And the sound that you hear from your body when the air is released is pretty distinct. In fact, most women have probably have heard their lady bits make a queefing sound in the past. Queefing sounds are pretty normal, especially during sexual intercourse. And you do not have to worry at all about your pussy making a farting noise, no matter how disgusting it sounds. It is actually a pretty natural process of your body. And all women would actually make that kind of sound.

There is actually a proper medical term for that particular sound. Doctors and the medical world call it vaginal flatulence. And science has found that while flatulence does sound like a flatulence that comes from the anus, that is where the resemblance stops. A queef has no waste material that is expelled along with the air. So the flatulence that is released from your privates is actually clean and has no real smell to it. It is simply air that is being released out of your vagina and nothing else at all.

5 Reasons For Vaginal Flatulence


The causes of the sounds that you are hearing from your lady bits are actually pretty varied. And there is no one single cause that is making your vagina makes that queefing sound. You could say that there are a number of different factors that work together to produce flatulence. However, there are some causes of flatulence that are more common than others. And you would find that these kinds of causes are probably the most likely ones that are making your intimate region produce the kinds of sounds that are bothering you. You could also have a doctor take a look and learn how to tighten your vagina muscles if you are really worried about the sounds that are coming out of your genitalia.

1. Trapped Air Being Released

The main reason that flatulence occurs is through the trapped air in our bodies that are being released. Air naturally gets deposited and collected in the various orifices and parts of our bodies. And in a tight space like a vagina, when that air is being released, it would naturally make some kind of sound. The trapped air is mostly released due to different kinds of activities, which you can read about it further below.

2. Rigorous Exercise

When you exercise rigorously, you would actually cause muscles in your pelvis to relax and contract. Those muscle movements could cause the air in your pelvis and groin, to be expelled out between your legs, which could cause a sound like flatulence.

3. Sexual Intercourse

If you insert anything in your vagina, such as a finger, sex toy or another sexual organ, then you are going to disturb the air inside. So during sexual intercourse, especially if it involves penetrative sex, it is perfectly normal to hear air coming out the hole.


4. Medical Examinations

During medical exams, such as a colonoscopy, the medical instrument that is inserted inside can cause the air in your body to be redistributed. So it is also pretty normal to experience flatulence during invasive medical examinations.

5. Childbirth

The contractions that are caused by going into labor could also cause the air in your vagina to be expelled out at a faster and more dramatic rate. And it is not uncommon to hear women in childbirth letting out a queef or two as they go into labor.

Should You Be Worried About Queefing Sounds?

medical examYou should not be worried at all if you hear air coming out of your vagina. Flatulence is an entirely natural process that occurs amongst all women. This is especially true for women that are very physically active – learn some of the exercises to tighten vagina. Their movements, and exertions can actually cause the redistribution of air in their bodies, which can cause the air to be released out of their vaginas. So if you are someone that is experiencing a lot of queefs, you do not have to be concerned at all. There is no underlying health problem causing your private area to release those sounds. You may actually find that flatulence could be a sign that everything is normal with your genitalia.

However, there is one type of flatulence that you have got to be worried about. If your queef has a smell to it and if there is some fluid that is released along with the queef, then there is a small chance that there could be more to your flatulence. Flatulence from your nether regions that is accompanied by fluid, could be caused by a fistula. A fistula occurs when there is a small opening in your intimate region that could connect it with another organ in your body. V Tight gel is a scam? if you notice that there are fluids and a smell that is leaking along with the air being released out of your vagina, then you have got to go and see a doctor.

How to Know When You Have to See a Gynecologist

It is every woman’s responsibility to know what a Gynecologist is. Gynecologists are medical experts or doctors that specialize in the field of gynecology. Gynecology is a branch of medicine and physiology in which it focuses on the diseases and functions exclusively on the female population, largely dealing with the reproductive system. There is this misconception that only those that are pregnant should start seeing a doctor, but based on the aforementioned description, you can always visit a gynecologist with the reason usually something to do with a woman’s reproductive system.

A family doctor or general practitioner may be able to treat some symptoms that you deal with, but it may not be able to treat the root of the problem. Only the doctors will be able to give you a detailed discussion pertaining to whatever you are feeling right now, especially when they can explain it to you how to treat it. Below are common reasons why you should seek a doctor’s expertise:

Irregularities with Menstruation


  • Menstrual periods get far off and irregular
  • You get recurrent periods wherein it returns in less or 21 days
  • Periods go over 8 days
  • You find menstrual bleeding in between your periods
  • You have delayed periods, often too far apart
  • You miss one period or more
  • Your heavy periods are quite unnatural

When you find an abnormality or two with your menstrual bleeding, it should make you worry. Abnormal menstrual bleeding, whether you are in your teenage years, reproductive or that you notice bleeding after you had already had your menopause can mean that you are experiencing one of many serious conditions associated usually with the reproductive system – see how to tighten vagina. This can be ovarian cysts, fibroids, pelvic infection, endometriosis or a worse symptom that can indicate the presence of polyps in your uterus.

Problems with your Reproductive System

sad woman

  • The frequency of urinating increases without any reason
  • You feel a burning sensation or pain when you urinate
  • You find blood in your urine
  • There is that itching feeling in the vagina
  • You find abnormal discharge from your vagina that is similar to the cow’s milk

For these kinds of symptoms, it may indicate the onset of UTI or urinary tract infection. Although a urinalysis is enough to let any general practitioner tell you what to do to address the problem, the gynecologist can still provide you the right means to solve it, follow this link for more OTC drugs and other temporary solutions.

Breasts Problems

woman breasts

  • You feel lumps in your breasts
  • You experience not only abdominal pain during your periods but also discomfort with one or both breasts
  • You notice some discharge from the breasts


Any of these symptoms occur to you, you should rush to your doctor and get yourself checked. Ignoring these symptoms would be inviting threat to your overall health.

Pain in your Lower Abdomen

woman navel

  • Severe menstrual cramps with your lower back and abdomen
  • Occasional pain in the pelvis
  • After going a sexual intercourse, you feel abdominal pain
  • Sharp pelvic or abdominal pain during sexual intercourse or during menstruation
  • Pain with the lump presence in your abdomen

Abdominal pain seems normal among women, but there could be problems with it. If the abdominal pain seems unbearable, seek a gynecologist in order to have it evaluated.

What are Vaginal Estrogen Creams? What Does it Do For Hormones?

It is a well-established fact that women experience a shift in their hormonal equilibrium when they reach the menopause phase. This phase is associated with psychological and emotional effects that can lead to depression and numerous psychological changes. During menopause, the production of estrogen slows down and stops completely after some time. Why do vagina dry after sex? — Dryness is one of the common symptoms that occur during menopause. It occurs as the body “changes” and becomes more common when menopause sets in. It might be vaginal muscle tightening can prevent dryness from getting worst.

How to Rectify the Hormonal Imbalance

Different women deal with this condition in diverse ways and womanmethods. There are a number of methods used to rectify the hormonal imbalance that causes the body to change. The hormone replacement therapy is one of the highly beneficial methods available. Estrogen products are mostly used for the hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) as they are easy to apply and generate great results. Estrogen creams are used to restore the tissue after a woman reaches menopause. They are effective in relieving dryness which leads to pain especially during sex. These things also help in eradicating the nagging problem of experiencing burning and persistent itching sensation. It is important to consult your physician before you use any of the available vaginal estrogen creams in the market.

How Vaginal Estrogen Creams Work

These products help in treating the underlying issues that lead to the symptoms that most women undergoing this phase experience. They restore the vaginal tissues and naturally reduce irritation and dryness. These products release a mix of estrogens that help in restoring these tissues. The estrogens are released directly in the area and post better results. Natural gels reduce thinning and restore the tissues responsible for lubrication and elasticity to eradicate pain during sex. The best creams are available in diverse doses, and your doctor will help you pick the right one. They should also show some brilliant results within 3 – 4 weeks.

Different Types of Vaginal Estrogen Creams

creamVaginal estrogen creams are available in different types. There is the natural kind, which is made from plant or human estrogen to tighten vagina skin. This type is the most commonly used and has even managed to replace the earlier types used before. The natural kind of product have fewer side effects and are therefore more preferred. There are some types of these products that are only available with a prescription. These are the specially made gels that you can only find more about them from your physician. There is another type that is easily available over the counter, but it is wise to seek the recommendation of your physician before using any of them. There are the phytoestrogen creams that help in eradicating skin problems. There are some conjugated types that are used to treat post menopause changes.

Benefits of Estrogen Creams

Vaginal estrogen creams have a number of benefits. They are very easy to apply and can be used on other areas like your neck, thighs, elbows and knees that tend to dry often. You have the choice of using a particular product depending on the symptoms you experience. Menopause causes certain fluids found in women’s bodies to reduce, and these gels play an important role as they maintain the skin moisture and prevent such losses. They are cost effective.


5 Unknown Facts About The Vagina

white woman

The vagina is a fascinating organ in the human body. Most people tend to think that they already know everything they need to know about that part of the body, which is not true as there is no way anyone, whether man or woman, can know everything about the body. There are various unknown facts about the vagina, which are known mostly to scientists and doctors. Below are 5 of these unknown facts about the woman’s body.

1. The Vagina Has Four Pathways to Pleasure

There are four different nerves, which give the genital area the amazing pleasurable sensation women feel during sex. These are the hypogastric, pudendal, sensory vagus, and pelvic nerves. Some recent studies have also revealed that the sensory vagus nerves go through the nerves in the spinal cord in order to produce sexual arousal. This can also be attributed to why some women who have complete spinal injuries can still feel orgasms that are as a result of sexual stimulation. The study also showed that women tend to experience sexual pleasure and orgasms differently.


2. The Clitoris Contains Thousands of Nerves

peachThe single function of the clitoris in the vagina is to provide sexual pleasure. The clitoris itself is highly sensitive and has more nerves per every millimeter than any other organ in the body. Various types of researches conducted by scientists from all over the world have indicated that the clitoris has at least 8,000 nerve endings considered to be the densest nerve supply compared to any organ and also of which men lack an equal counterpart to it.

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3. Not All Women Have a Hymen

The hymen is a thin tissue located in the vagina that is normally associated with virginity. It is not present in all private parts and some women completely lack its structure while others end up breaking it after performing strenuous exercises, intercourse, or enduring various hormonal activities. When it is present, it is a thin skin tissue that is situated about 1 – 2 cm inside the vagina and partly covers the opening. So it is important to remember that having a hymen that is intact may cause bleeding during the first time of sexual intercourse. Any other beliefs related to the hymen are all subjective and do not necessarily happen to all women.

4. The G-Spot is Actually There

gspotThe G-Spot actually exists and is capable of giving a woman intense sexual pleasure. This spot is a slightly bumpy region that contains a significant number of nerve endings that are capable of giving a woman immense pleasure during sexual intercourse. It is located on the wall of the body, about half way up the opening. Malaysian scientist Chua Chee Ann may also have found another area similar to the G-Spot called the A-Spot. It is said to be situated a few inches above the G-Spot along the belly button side of the vaginal wall. However, other scientists have not yet verified the A-Spot.

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5. Women Have a Built-In System for Lubricating the Vagina

Some women tend to complain of dryness in the cervical opening and proper lubrication not taking place during sexual intercourse. The secret to proper lubrication in the body in the day-to-day life of a woman or during sexual intercourse is the presence of special glands commonly referred to as the Bartholin glands that help to keep the intimate area moist. These glands are also responsible for keeping the vagina properly lubricated and feeling moist when a woman is aroused sexually. So when a woman feels that proper lubrication is not taking place in the body, it is important for her to visit a doctor in order to investigate exactly what is causing the problem.

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V-Tight Gel with Kegel Exercise Program: How Much More Effective is it?

vrevWhatever your sexual orientation may be, as a woman in her late teens or in her adult life, you may feel the urge to improve your sex drive. A loosened vagina is not something so logical and simple as men or people might think. It’s not because of excessive sex which is just a common and a very embarrassing myth by gynaecologist, to say the least.

What really causes the looseness are due to various reasons. Some of them include birth which is likely to widen the vaginal walls, vaginal stress, aging process, as well as many other medical conditions are likely to be the cause of a loosened vagina.

That is not to say that you should lose hope on tightening your vagina or feel ashamed for no absolute reason. There are a few ways which will be explained to you for firming up your vagina. These methods are not costly as such or even include surgery but just a few steps that can improve the tightness of your vagina.


How Does V-Tight Gel Work with the Kegel Exercise Program?

how signThis gel can be found online and offers the vagina to be tightened. The cream, as indicated on the container is to be applied externally. As general directions, you put the cream on your fingertips and rub it nicely on the vaginal wall. A lot of products come with eastern medicines that claim to be free of side-effects and hazards.

Pros: V-Tight gel has been praised and admired by many women. They are believed to observe and feel the effects of the vagina getting firmer.

Cons: The product doesn’t work for a lot of women, as well. Also, the substances used are not quite up to the scientific or medical mark.

As we have mentioned, the product works really well alone but the company has added a kegel exercise program to use with the V-Tight gel to make it work faster. With the combination of the effectiveness of the kegel workouts, it will speed up the process of this vaginal tightening solution. The natural ingredients in the cream helps enhance the muscles around the cervical walls to make it more firm almost instantly.

If you want to learn more about properly exercises then you can read this article here.

Incorporating the Kegel Exercise Program

person doing kegelsKegel exercises work both the sexes. Kegel exercises are based on working on the pelvic muscle. The workout doesn’t require any weightlifting or cardiac workout. It’s a simple harmless workout that could be done.

The workout could be done while lying down on the bed, sitting, or standing. All you have to do is pull your pelvic muscle with an empty bladder. The muscle can be located by inserting your finger in the vagina. The muscle will tighten up and that is just about it.



How to properly do it?

right way signPress the Kegel muscle for 2-5 seconds and let it go. You can make the duration go longer if you like as there is no hard and fast rule. After performing the routine, relax for 10-20 seconds and repeat for 3-5 times a day.

The Kegel exercise can also be done by lying down. As you lay down, put your legs together half way in the air and pull the pelvic muscle. Do this for 5-10 seconds and take rest for 20-30 seconds. Repeat this for 3-5 times a day.

It’s been considered a certified workout, for both sexes, as far as genitalia is concerned.

May not be recommended if you have a medical condition.

How Much Faster is it with the Exercise Program?

The comparison can be drawn by the fact that the exercise is a healthy ways to tighten vagina without using any chemicals or dangerous home remedy based substances. The creams, on the other hand, sell big and even offer a money back guarantee. However, it is advised to seek professional help so you may not end up hurting yourself in the vagina instead of getting it tight.

Also, the incorporation of the product and the exercise program doesn’t do too much with how fast the product will work but it works as a long term solution. It does aid with the tightening of your vagina almost instantly but it’s the long term plan for you to be able to achieve the body that you want, and not just temporarily.

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Are there Side-Effects to using V-Tight Gel?

vrevV-Tight Gel is a natural vaginal shrinking product which helps renew the natural elasticity and firmness of the vaginal canal. The V-tight product is a combination of an exercise program and a cream, which help reverse the damage which many women sustain when giving birth, through hormonal changes and the aging process. The product has become quite popular in the marketplace for its’ effective results. The program can firm up the sensitive cervical canal without any need for prescription medication or risky surgical procedures. Whether you want a much firmer vagina for your very own pleasure, or simply to surprise your better half with a more rejuvenated and firm vagina, then V-tight is the ideal solution for you. It does not only help in tightening the vagina, but it also eliminates vaginal dryness and keeps you lubricated, which can in turn help boost your sex drive.

So, are there any side-effects to using this product? Let’s discuss the ingredients first before we get into that to further explain what it really does to a woman’s body.

V-tight gel works by firming, shrinking, and reshaping the vaginal walls. This basically works in combination with the kegel exercise program, a healthy diet and kegel exercises. This program works within a matter of minutes of use, and you will find that you are able to have mind-blowing orgasms and a deeply fulfilling sex life.

What are V-Tight Gel’s Ingredients?

Manjakani Extract

manjakaniV-tight Gel is made up of all natural ingredients. The primary active ingredient is Manjakani extract see natural tea to tighten vagina, which is a really powerful astringent. Its astringency helps make the vulva muscles firm, and also helps reduce female discharge that usually triggers foul odors. Manjakani extract is also jam packed with antioxidants and helps restore youthful strength to the vagina while counteracting the toll aging usually takes on PC muscles. This particular ingredient has never caused any adverse effects on anyone as it is a completely natural substance.

If you want to know why this ingredient is such an effective and useful ingredient in the product, as well as how it works best for you.

Witch Hazel

This plant extract contains tannins which are very beneficial for vaginal wall tightening.witch hazel The tannins are the main phytochemicals, and have an astringent property, which acts by reaching the walls’ epithelial lining, and making it rigid; this eliminates vaginal looseness. This plant extract has also long been utilized as a soothing agent after childbirth, was used to reduce swelling, and to treat bruises. Witch hazel has never been linked to anything that is negative. It’s a completely safe ingredient to have in a product.

Aside from witch hazel and manjakani extract, the other ingredients used include; arginine, sodium PCA, sodium benzoate and citric acid which is derived from the citrus fruits. Each of the aforementioned components has a specific mode of action, which has a common objective to achieve, which is to firm up a loose vagina.

Are there Side-Effects?

couple in outdoors When you’re dealing with a loose pussy, the last thing you’d want is using a product that has serious negative side-effects. Unlike most other vagina tightening products in the market, V-tight gel doesn’t have any chemicals, which might cause unwanted side-effects. The product is fully based on all natural ingredients, which have been used for many of years. The ingredients in product have undergone every kind of clinical trial, and have been shown to be safe for humans. The ingredients are completely safe meaning that the sensitive and delicate skin of a woman’s body won’t experience any kind of negative side-effects. As a matter of fact, many women have been using this product to firm up their vaginal canals for a very long time without reporting any adverse side-effects. Every woman who has utilized this product has admitted that V-Tight gel delivers on its’ part as an all natural and safe vaginal tightening product. This means that you can use the product without any worry that it may produce any unwanted side-effects. In fact, you will enjoy only positive side-effects like improved romantic life and much better orgasms.


That said, it’s important to note that some women might experience some minor side-effects like allergic reactions to some ingredients contained in the V-tight gel. If you think you’re allergic to any of the product’s ingredients, it’s best to always do a sample test by simply applying a small amount of the cream on your wrist to see if you’re allergic and also do kegel exercises. This will help determine whether or not the formula is suitable for you. In case you happen to experience any symptoms of allergic reaction, you should stop usage and consult a doctor.

Does Vagifirm Work Better Than V-Tight Gel?

When choosing a vaginal tightening pill or cream, two of the most well-known products are Vagifirm and V-tight gel. But, which one is going to outperform the other? Which is actually going to do what it claims to do? Before you make your decision, these are a few factors you should familiarize yourself with, in order to ultimately choose the product, which works best for you. So, let’s get into which one is actually the better product.


Vagifirm is a vaginal shrinking pill or cream made with naturalpills ingredients. The herbal supplement is made to strengthen PC muscles, in turn making it firmer. It helps heal sexual organs and reproductive organs, making intercourse less painful, more enjoyable, and ultimately is aimed at helping improve or save relationships, which have been damaged due to such concerns or issues. Below are a few of the benefits and drawbacks of using this product to help improve vaginal firmness, and help rejuvenate the damaged muscles along the vaginal walls.


There are several benefits to using this product to help increase and improve tightness and rebuild muscle loss. Among these benefits are:

  1. Increasing libido and enhancing sexual drive/enjoyment.
  2. Improving the muscle loss and tightening the vaginal muscles.
  3. All natural ingredients, as it is an herbal based supplement.
  4. Eliminates vaginal dryness without having to use other lubricants or products which aren’t natural.
  5. Results are permanent for users.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to choosing this supplement for improving vaginal firmness, dryness, and loss of libido over time. But, as is the case with any other product, there are also a few drawbacks one has to consider.


As noted above, there are several benefits to choosing Vagifirm to help improve vaginal firmness; with this also comes a series of drawbacks which include:

  1. It does take some time to work. It can take anywhere from 3 to 4 months to see the ultimate results.
  2. It is a supplement which has to be taken daily. So you do have to use it regularly in order to attain desired results.
  3. No product testing for safety has been conducted, so there might be unknown side effects for some women.
  4. There are negative reviews; so mixed conclusions can be drawn from users who are considering this product.
  5. It is very expensive, especially in comparison to other products like V-Tight gel.

It is important to consider these drawbacks prior to deciding if this is the right product for you.

V-Tight Gel


This product is a natural gel, which is intended to help women who have had children, reverse the damage and elasticity which comes along with giving birth. It isn’t however limited to women who have children. Women who have issues with elasticity, firmness, and dryness due to older age or other medical conditions, can also benefit from using this product. No surgery, drugs, and an all-natural solution to vaginal tightness and dryness, are promoted with the use of V-Tight gel.

Check out our review about vaginal tightening cream side effects.


There are a number of benefits for women who suffer from damage, dryness, or firmness in the vaginal area. For women experiencing vaginal dryness, this is an excellent product to use. Some benefits from use include:

  1. Increased muscle development, improves and rebuildsthe vaginal walls which have been damaged over time.
  2. Increased libido, sexual arousal, and ability to perform.
  3. It is easy to use and apply.
  4. It is inexpensive and works in a timely fashion.
  5. It tightens, firms, and reshapes the cervical walls in a short period of time.
  6. It is all-natural and can be used by women of all age groups, regardless of the issues they suffer from, causing dryness or firmness in the vaginal walls.


As is the case with Vagifirm some drawbacks exist with this product, which include:

  1. It can be messy to use. It is a gel, so application is not as clean as using an oral supplement.
  2. It has to be used daily for best results.
  3. It does take some time to see optimal results but works more quickly than the alternative products on the market.


Which Product is Better?

better way

As you can see, both provide a number of benefits to users, along with certain cons/drawbacks to consider. However, V-Tight gel is the ultimate solution for those who want instant relief, improved firmness, and want to see the results in less time. For women who seek improvement in less time, with an all-natural solution, V-Tight gel is a great product to try for vaginal dryness and firmness.


Is V-Tight Gel a Scam? Here are the Facts!

Some of the experiences women go through in their lives such as childbirth and hormonal change could cause their vagina to enlarge. As a result, this may lead to lower self-esteem, lower sexual satisfaction, and even shame. Nonetheless, considering that the vagina is elastic, the elasticity can be restored using the right products. One of the products that has offered a much needed solution to this nagging issues is V-tight. This product is a system that combines a gel made from all-natural ingredients and an exercise program.

So, the question is, is it a scam? We will be answering that question but first, let’s talk about how it all started.

How Did V-Tight Gel Become Popular?


V-Tight Gel is an all-natural topical ointment which seeks to firm and strengthen the natural elasticity and firmness of the walls of the vagina canal from the inside wall.

The gel is having some rave reviews with lots of women singing its praises as the sure cure to a loose vagina. There are many oil-based and water-based vagina-tightening products from which to choose. However, upon reading this V-Tight review, you’ll see that it’s the most popular and successful v-tight gel product available to buy. It has proved itself as a safe and healthy alternative to surgery being primarily made from pure all natural substances consisting of naturally occurring elements or plant derivatives. Besides, it has ingredients to aid with vaginal dryness, in addition to its primary function as a vaginal canal tightener. There are certainly no artificial ingredients in the cream.

Is It a Scam?

scam alertBut is V-Tight gel really as life changing as the testimonials claim? Most women say that in their search for an effective product capable of delivering and making their vaginas more firm, they’ve come across a good number of vaginal shrinking products with very encouraging words but that don’t really deliver which is probably why they may be reading this article with much skepticism thinking that this is too good-to-be true. You may think that it is just a scam and there is no point in wasting your hard-earned cash. That is especially if you’ve tried other products and found that they do not work or were not worth the cash. What you’ve to understand is that V-Tight gel is different. It DOES really work superbly and there’s proof that it works.

In a world full of charlatans, scams and snake oil salesmen it seems that V-Tight gel is one of the good guys. This vagina tightening cream is 100% natural, safe and healthy for use by anyone on your most intimate area. There are no side effects that have been reported in relation to this product. The comments and critics are rather outstanding. The manufacturer has done their best to protect the product by controlling its sales channels and maintain a high quality in doing so. The fact that a 100% money-back guarantee is offered is a statement from the manufacturers that they’re proud of their product and ready to stand by its results. There are numerous positive tales told and you can read them online.

How V-Tight Gel is Helping Women From All Over the World

The cream comes with a highly crafted formula that group of womenwill ultimately give results and prove that it isn’t all talk . It has mountains of positive reviews from women who have benefited from it. It’s, however, worth noting that the results could take some months to be noticeable depending on the person. But you’re guaranteed that this vagina tightening product works on everyone and is helping women from all across the world. If you’re searching for an alternative to surgery and want to learn how to make the walls of your vagina tighter and keep it tight and firm, then this is a brilliant option.

The mechanism of the product is pretty simple. It comes with a sidekick to help ensure that the results are guaranteed. It works through affirming, shrinking and reshaping the vaginal wall. Coupled with the vaginal exercise program comprising of Kegel exercises, combined with a good and healthy diet, you’re bound to get astounding results. The product thoroughly discusses the benefits of using the astringent characteristics of the product. The ability to help in the health of your vagina implies that it helps with your sexual satisfaction as well. The properties contribute to reducing vaginal discharge, which often results in an unappealing odor.

Final Verdict

What use is a scientist’s statement if you cannot prove that it does really work for real women. This is where the strong anecdotal evidence backing V-Tight gel comes into play in the form of glowing testimonials. In case you want more proof that this product works and is not a scam, you only need to try it for yourself! Judging by public opinion, you’ll be ecstatic at how fast it works, how easy it is to apply and how it can prevent you from surgery. This vaginal shrinking gel could help save you thousands of dollars as well as the pressure of a lengthy surgical recovery.


Or, you can find out more information about vaginal tightening techniques on our homepage.