The Safest and Best Lubes To Use For Your Vagina

If you haven’t shopped for vaginal lubes recently, you will be in for a big surprise. There are a wide variety of these products on the market today. Whether you are looking for lubricants that feel natural on your skin or ones that help thin your vaginal walls that might be causing painful sexual intercourse, we are sure you can find an appropriate product.

The only concern though is the safety of those products. Not all of them are safe and efficient for use. Some are effective but sensitive to the skin while others cause non-desirable side effects. In this article, we have highlighted some of the safest and most effective lubes you can use without worry of any side effect. Or you can do it naturally by doing vaginal tightening exercises. Read on to find out.

1. Carrageenan Gently Natural Personal Lubricant


Carrageenan is a natural lubricant created to make you achieve a mind blowing orgasm (read more). This product is formulated with a natural non-stick formula which intensifies your sensations. Other ingredients include vitamin E and organic aloe which make the lube more natural than you can imagine. Carrageenan is also free from petroleum glycols, spermicide, parabens, and glycerin. All of these compounds are associated with serious side effects.

This lube comes with an airless and self-sealing dispenser to help you determine the right number of drops to use. This is an excellent feature because it helps you avoid messing your skin or sheets. Carrageenan Gently Natural Personal Lubricant is soft to touch and is just the right personal lubricant for those looking for endless sensual moments.


2. Isabel Fay’s lube

isabel fayIsabel Fay’s lube is another safest lube you can consider purchasing. This is a water- based and lovable lube with ingredients such as Citric Acid, Purified Water, Sodium Benzoate, Hydroxyethyl, cellulose among others. It is ideal for sensitive skin that does not tolerate harsh substances. Some of its appealing features include natural, easy to wash off after use and compatible with latex condoms and sex toys.


Just like Carrageenan, Isabel Fay’s lube does not contain harmful compounds such as parabens, spermicides, glycerin, or any other harmful ingredient. The product is manufactured in the USA, which means it has already undergone thorough testing and proven safe and efficient to use.

3. YES Intimate Lubricant


YES Intimate Lubricant is the third and final product in this list of the safest and best lube to use for your vagina. This is a water-based and organic personal lube that richly hydrates the genital area. Its aim is to correct vaginal dryness and ensure that you have achieved extended pleasure.

YES Intimate Lubricant has been certified as organic, so there is no need to worry about its safety. It is entirely free of parabens, spermicides, glycerin and other harmful ingredients. Its pH balance is the same as that of your body. Being water-based, this product for your vagina is non-stick, so you stay assured that your skin and sheets will not be in a mess.


Overall, most over-the-counter vaginal lubes are safe for most people. If used as directed, they can be an excellent solution for reducing friction, vaginal dryness and increased sexual pleasure.


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