8 Products To Avoid on Your Vagina

Over the years, a lot of feminine hygiene products have been sold to a lot of women. There are vaginal douches, washes, soaps, lotions, moisturizers, masks, and even capsules! And out of all of these different women’s products, is there even one that actually works? You should be aware that most of these products are pretty unnecessary, especially when it concerns your vaginal health. All of the medical experts agree that as long as you regularly clean your private parts when you bathe, you should be okay in not using any of these products. In fact, there are even a few risks associated with using some of these products. So ideally, you should be avoiding putting any kind of these products within your private parts at all. And to help you out in knowing what kinds of products to use, here is a list of things that you should not be using for your vagina.


douchesThere are products that are being sold such as douches that you can supposedly use to thoroughly clean your vaginal tract. However, most women should avoid buying douches for the express purpose of cleaning their private parts. This is because water that you use in those douches is not sterile. And even cleaning the douche itself is not a guarantee that it is completely free of any kinds of germs. When you are using a douche in your private area, you are inadvertently removing your own body’s fluids and replacing them with water that could be uncontaminated. It is best just to wash the area of your genitalia from the outside; there is no need to spray water inside of there.

PH-Balance Products

Your body can keep the ph levels of your private parts well-balanced by itself. If you are using any kind of feminine hygiene product that can supposedly create a better balance in the ph levels of your vagina, then you should stop using it. Most doctors say that your private area is fine without using any of those products.



There are all sorts of oils that are being sold to women for their private areas. There are oils for pubic hair, and there are also some oils that can better lubricate your private area as well. You should always avoid using oils within your private area. This is because oils are very hard to wash out, and they will only irritate the skin around your lady bits as well.



One really bizarre trend is when people use capsules filled with glitter inside of their vagina. This is definitely something that you should avoid doing. This is because you are not going to like the feeling of itchiness, plus the added risk of infection when you put glitter inside of your private parts.


A supposed remedy for dryness in your private parts is using a moisturizer. These are meant to restore the hydration in your own

private parts. However, as long as you drink water regularly your body can keep all of its different parts, include your private parts, moisturized. You should also not generally use moisturizers for your private parts because it could contain ingredients that could irritate your whole vagina. There could be oils in most moisturizers. And you definitely should not be using any kind of face or skin moisturizer for your private parts. Since the chemicals in those products may hurt rather than help your dry skin in your private area.

Wasp Residue

Some people are using products that contain wasp residue to tighten the vagina. Oak Gall and other kinds of similar insect-containing products can supposedly make your vaginal tract smaller. However, there is actually very little science backing that fact up. And at best, this is a trend that has no basis at all. The only exercise can make your vagina tighter. And there are no miracle products that are going to rejuvenate your private area. And any kind of product that is marketed as a health supplement for your private parts is something that you should avoid.

Harsh Soaps


Be careful about what kinds of soaps that you use to clean your private parts. This is because soaps that have got harsh chemicals in them can dry out the skin around your private area and also cause a lot of irritation as well. If you are going to use some kind of soap to clean your private parts, you should be using some kind of mild soap. Try to look for a brand of soap that is formulated for sensitive skin, even some baby soaps are safe to use for your private parts. It is always best to use a mild soap to clean your lady parts.


hand cream

Body lotions of any kind should not also be used around your private parts as well. It may be tempting to just slather on some cocoa butter lotion in the area around your dry genital area, but that is a really bad idea. This is because the formula of most lotions is not meant to be used around sensitive areas of your skin. And you are actually going to exacerbate the dry skin problem that you have in your private parts when you apply any kind of body lotion down there. So in general, you should avoid using any kind of body lotion on your private parts.

Remember, your vagina is very sensitive. And anything that you use on it can have a huge impact on how it is. If you want to avoid irritating your private parts, then you should also avoid using all of the above-listed products. You will have a healthier and happier vagina if you are careful about what kinds of hygiene products that you use for it like vaginal tightening powder. Most doctors actually recommend that you just use a mild soap whenever you need to clean your private parts. This is because soap is actually already pretty effective in getting rid of any germs inside and on your body. And your body is also pretty effective by itself in keeping itself healthy. So ideally, when you are cleaning your lady bits, you will not need to use anything else except water and some mild soap!

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