6 Things You Might Not Understand About Your Vagina

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Few body parts have as much cultural, historical, educational, political, artistic and emotional baggage attached to them as the vagina. Not even the penis, which guys like to think is pretty much the be-all end-all of reproductive organs, can’t touch the evocative power of the vagina or the fact that it’s the magic carpet everyone rides on their journey into life. You must learn about vaginal tightening without surgery for good cause and while the vagina is without a doubt the emotional, and let’s face it, the sexual center of the human universe, there are a lot of things vag owners don’t understand about their prized possession, and so we’re here to help update your owner’s manual.

Understanding Your Vagina: Knowledge is Power

knowledge is power on chalkWe know what you’re thinking? “What makes you think I don’t know my vagina like it was, you know, my vagina?” Well, we’re not trying to cast aspersions on your stewardship of your body, which we’re sure is first rate. We’re just suggesting there may be a few things you weren’t entirely aware of, simply because no one was fully aware of most of them until pretty recently. That said, let’s see if there are a few facts about your vagina we can surprise you with.

  1. You get boners – “Excuse me? I get what?” Boners. Stiffies. Erections. Researchers have proven that a swollen clit is essentially a boner. The physiological mechanism that causes your clit to swell up when excited and/or stimulated is the same mechanism involved when your guy goes from Mr. Sleepy to Conan. The only difference is the volume of blood required and ultimately the size of the engorged organ when all that blood is on point.
  2. confused young ladyYou can’t lose anything in your vagina – The Ob/Gyn hears it all during the course of their work and one thing they hear more than you might imagine is patients telling them they lost a condom or a sex toy or a fingernail or tampon or something else in their nether regions. Typically, they’re afraid the lost item has somehow entered one of their other organs like the stomach or intestines. Can’t happen. The vag is a space with well-defined boundaries where the only exit is a tiny opening in the cervix barely large enough for microscopic sperm to fit through. So relax. That fingernail is still in their somewhere. It will either fall out on its own or your Ob/Gyn will retrieve it for you.
  3. Your vagina isn’t going to stretch out from too much sex – A common misconception about girly bits is that they will stretch out if you have “too much sex,” whatever that is. In fact, your Ob/Gyn can tell you that while the body loosens up when aroused and will undoubtedly stretch to accommodate the penis, everything returns to normal after sex. The only things, in fact, that will result in the muscles of the arm vagina actually stretching out are age and childbirth.
  4. girl with flat bellyMenstrual blood may help cure a range of serious health conditions – Really? Absolutely. Menstrual blood contains myriad stem cells that researchers are actively studying as possible treatments for diabetes, heart disease, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s and even cancer. So next time you hear someone say something disparaging about menstrual blood remind them that that same menstrual blood may save their life someday.
  5. Not every woman has a hymen – This is one that surprised even the researchers that discovered it. It was always just assumed that every female was born with a hymen but in fact, that is not the case. While it’s true the vast majority of women are born with a hymen the fact is some are not. But fear not. If you are one of those women born without a hymen, you have nothing to worry about. The absence of a hymen doesn’t have any measurable impact on your sexual development or sex life. And in fact, it’s typically only the presence of a hymen that can actually cause difficulties for women. Such as is the case when a woman has a particularly “tough” (for lack of a better word) hymen that does not tear or penetrate easily and subsequently interferes with sex or makes it painful.
  6. woman in lingerieYour cooch may actually double in size when you’re excited – Just about everyone who owns a vagina is aware that when aroused it tends to swell up. But did you know that some women can actually double in size when the mood hits them? Well, they can. The phenomenon which causes such impressive expansion is called “tenting” and what it does is cause blood to rush to the upper portions of the vagina and cause them to swell up. Exactly why this happens isn’t yet fully understood although one widely held (yet unproven) theory is that this sort of “upward tenting” may make it easier for sperm to navigate to the cervix and facilitate reproduction.


Bonus Round

Because we’re generous types, we at boostyourbodyhq.com going to toss in a bonus fun fact about your vajayjay just so that you’re as well informed as possible.

  • No wonder it feels so good! – There are more than 8,000 nerve endings in the clit. That’s 8,000. When you consider that there are less than half that many in the average penis, it’s little wonder why it feels so good when you give your love button a bit of personal attention. The astonishing amount of nerve endings may also explain why some women find clitoral stimulation actually to be a bit painful rather than pleasurable. Also, this tremendous number of nerve endings may also explain the power of the vagina to induce such earth shattering orgasms in women when compared to their male counterparts.

We hope you found the above information interesting and that it helps you gain an even greater appreciation for your vagina than you might already have had. From curing disease to snapping back into place after sex and even springing a stiffy when you get excited, your vagina pretty much does it all.

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